A National Day Like No Other in the UAE

American Independence Day has nothing-I repeat nothing-on the United Arab Emirates’ National Day. I love the Fourth of July, because of the symbolism behind it and because, on the Eastern End of Long Island, it means high summer is in full swing. But Independence Day here is lowkey-parties, barbecues, a parade, lots of red, white … More A National Day Like No Other in the UAE

Morocco: Getting Around (Transportation)

Transportation is a big deal to the traveler who is navigating across time and space, and I love analyzing a country’s modes of transport when I go abroad. Here, a look at getting around Morocco: Airline-Royal Air Maroc: Morocco’s national airline is Royal Air Maroc.  I booked our aller-retour tickets to Casablanca’s Mohammed V Airport … More Morocco: Getting Around (Transportation)

Morocco: In Photos

This blogger just got back from a week-long adventure to Morocco (with her mother!) so please forgive her if the next couple of posts are all about Morocco! Morocco was an amazing educational experience, giving me new personal experience and insight on another MENA and Muslim-majority country besides Egypt. Now I can do comparisons! (see … More Morocco: In Photos

Yella al-bint!

معاً من اجل نساء ينعمن بالحرية، الاستقلالية، والامان في العالم العربي… TOGETHER FOR FEARLESS, FREE & INDEPENDENT WOMEN IN THE ARAB WORLD So reads the ‘about’ section on the facebook group page. The posts are in Arabic, English, and even French. Members post articles, photos and internet memes, as do the page officers. On the … More Yella al-bint!

Downtown and Down-trodden

Downtown Cairo. If you’ve watched a news station in the past year, than you’re familiar with what constitutes as Cairo’s center or downtown area: Tahrir Square was long considered Cairo’s focal point before the 25 January Revolution ever occured, perhaps because it held several government buildings including the shunned National Democratic Party’s (NDP) headquarters as … More Downtown and Down-trodden