Nogomi Fashions #10: Ramadan Styles Part 1

what’s happening: the Holy month of Ramadan does not mean that there’s a lack of stylish ladies around: au contraire. Between sohours, iftars and other events the fashionistas of the Middle East were kept busy one-upping each other. One star-studded event was singer (and recent Murex D’or winner) Shatha Hassoun’s sohour at the Sofitel Hotel … More Nogomi Fashions #10: Ramadan Styles Part 1

Ramadan Kareem! A look at Mosques Around the World

First of all, a very happy Ramadan (Ramadan Kareem) to the Muslim ummah! Ramadan is a very special time, one of contemplation, community, charity, celebration and, most of all, faith. It’s a time of sacrifice and solidarity, peace and perseverance; a time to ask forgiveness for one’s sins. In honor of the start of Ramadan, … More Ramadan Kareem! A look at Mosques Around the World

Morocco: Getting Around (Transportation)

Transportation is a big deal to the traveler who is navigating across time and space, and I love analyzing a country’s modes of transport when I go abroad. Here, a look at getting around Morocco: Airline-Royal Air Maroc: Morocco’s national airline is Royal Air Maroc.  I booked our aller-retour tickets to Casablanca’s Mohammed V Airport … More Morocco: Getting Around (Transportation)