Spotlight: Women’s Crisis Care International

I am declaring 2015 the Year of Women’s Rights. Given that it is only April, 2015 already seems posed to be the year that awareness about violence against women (VAW)-including domestic abuse, sexual harassment, psychological abuse and rape-came to the forefront. Whether this is because it’s the 20th Anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action, or … More Spotlight: Women’s Crisis Care International

Predictions and Resolutions for the Middle East: 2014

 2013 proved to be yet another turbulent and dramatic year for the nations of the Middle East. Protesters have continued to keep the area volatile; the Syrian Civil War has continued to shed blood and uproot its citizens and it appears, reflecting back on my past years’ resolutions for the Middle East, that none of … More Predictions and Resolutions for the Middle East: 2014

Salam alaykoum

In the Arabic language, words with similar meanings are formed by the same root consonants. The words ‘Islam’ and ‘Salam’ both have the same 3 consonants: S-L-M. These 3 letters mean “peace” in Arabic. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of peace in the world today. A lot of people, including radical Islamists, do not believe in … More Salam alaykoum