Affaire Rossignol: Does Hating the Hijab Mean You’re an Islamophobe?

   L’affaire hijab in France is weighed down with almost 30 years of rhetoric, polemique and infamy and yet, 30 years on, it still won’t quit. The French obsession and stubbornness regarding the Islamic headscarf made headlines again recently with not one but three separate incidents (none involving actual Muslim women) which are both embarrassing … More Affaire Rossignol: Does Hating the Hijab Mean You’re an Islamophobe?

#JeSuisTout: Observations on the Charlie Hebdo Shooting

 Je Suis Charlie, mais Je Suis Tout le Monde aussi. It has taken me a few days to gather my thoughts on the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and I’ll admit that the proceeding blogpost will show that they are still discombobulated and forming. I have a lot to say, so please bear with me. I will … More #JeSuisTout: Observations on the Charlie Hebdo Shooting

Somewhere in America….Stereotypes Just Got Served

I’ll admit it: Muslim Hipsters (“Mipsterz”) have more style than me. If you’re a American Muslim–or just an avid HuffPost reader, since they are posting a plethora of articles on the topic- then you probably have seen the “Somewhere in America–Mipsterz” video or heard about it. Social media has been abuzz with talk of the … More Somewhere in America….Stereotypes Just Got Served

Film Review: Wadjda

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of heading down to the Angelika Film Center (my first time!) to see the film Wadjda, director Haifaa Mansour’s debut full-length feature film and the first feature film shot on location in Saudi Arabia. With superb acting and brilliantly shot scenes depicting Riyadh, as well as an inspirational plot … More Film Review: Wadjda

Arabia, Meet Montreal!

A spur of the moment weekend trip to Montreal this past weekend had me asking: am I in Montreal, or Marrakech? OK, so I’m exaggerating a bit, but there is a large enough Middle Eastern presence in this francophone Canadian city to wonder whether to have poutine (Montreal’s most popular dish) or shwarma for one’s … More Arabia, Meet Montreal!

Modern Islam: Mr. Gay Denmark

 Michael Sinan-a.k.a. Mr Gay Denmark-should be considered one of Islam’s modern heroes.  Mr. Sinan’s life and message would be considered radical-probably even blasphemous-among Conservative Muslims, but I feel that they should be broadcast to the world. While many people, whether straight Americans or fanatic Muslims, would laugh at Mr. Sinan and deride him for his … More Modern Islam: Mr. Gay Denmark