Ismi Mariam, the Writer

Me reaching the top of the Great Pyramids of Gizeh. See, anything is possible!


 I started this blog  to discuss the Middle East and Islam, both which have fascinated me since the day I met my roommate as an undergrad student seven years ago. I believe in freedom and democracy; I believe in human rights and above all women’s rights. Over the course of writing this blog I have learned a lot about the region, my perceptions and opinions have changed and I hope that people reading this blog who may have little knowledge of the region and its dominant religion will look at it in a different way than if they just follow the media’s awful depiction of Arabs and Muslims.

*NOTE: I do not edit my posts. I do not believe this blog reflects the epitome of my writing talents, but it is a personal blog and therefore I can do whatever I want.

**NOTE: I write with a dry sense of humor, because I believe that you have to inject some humor into life. And besides, the political situation in the Middle East is just amusingly appalling.




4 thoughts on “Ismi Mariam, the Writer

  1. Good,
    Great I must say, the passion you have is the most adventurous passion in the whole world, throught which you know about the world’s customs and traditions.

    Women;s freedom a painful reality of middle east. any how keep up the good work.
    God bless you

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