The Writer


 I started this blog in 2011, when the Jan 25 Uprising in Egypt captured the world’s (and my own) attention. It started out as one American girl’s exploration of Islam and the vast, broad and diversified Middle Eastern culture. I have since written about everything, from politics and security to human rights from Egypt to Morocco to the Gulf. Over the course of writing this blog I have learned a lot about the region, my perceptions and opinions have changed and therefore some of the earlier writing does not reflect my current opinions, however it is always important to show how we grow.

*NOTE: I usually do not edit my posts. I do not believe this blog reflects the epitome of my writing talents, but it is a personal blog and therefore it is what it is.

**NOTE: I write with a dry sense of humor, because I believe that you have to inject some humor into life. And besides, the political situation in the Middle East is just amusingly appalling.




4 thoughts on “The Writer

  1. Good,
    Great I must say, the passion you have is the most adventurous passion in the whole world, throught which you know about the world’s customs and traditions.

    Women;s freedom a painful reality of middle east. any how keep up the good work.
    God bless you

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