Nogomi Fashions: April Aywa/Laa Trends


Trend: Plunging necklines

AYWA. Post-partum could not look more sexier than Myriam Fares in this unforgettable plunging neckline, with the most exquisite emerald jewelry.

  LA. Maya Diab’s plunging neckline should have been buttoned up! 

  AYWA. Exquisite color makes this kaftan, and pairing it with those pumps was a great choice.  

 AYWA.  Could that purple be any more lush? Hasna scores in this embellished, sheer kaftan. 

  AYWA. It’s a departure from the normal kaftan shape but Dina wears it as always like a maalema. AYWA. I don’t know which is hotter, the crushed blue velvet of Samira Said’s kaftan or those male models. LAA.those are literally tassel ornaments meant for a rug or something that were randomly tacked to the front of Boosy’s kaftan. 

 LAA. When I say wear an interesting color, I do NOT mean this. And that hair is a very resounding LAA. 


   AYWA. Both gown and abaya are works of art worthy of dozens of flowers. 

  AYWA. Lest anyone mistake her for a poor Maghrebi man in this getup, Joelle makes sure to pair with herValentino  studs.   AYWA. Joelle, are you in an ad for a car service? Dressed in this abaya you pull off a hoity Gulf lady. 
 LAA. Vampire mistress goes on vacation to the Gulf: starter pack include goth dress and makeup, blqck abaya and bloodred designer accessories. 


AYWA. If Nancy lifts her hands any higher she might flash someone in this crop top, but it rocks paired with that anazing skirt.

  AYWA.  Aywaaa, Maya. That is all.


  AYWA. Myriam brings Lebanon to khaleeji style in cleavage, abaya and cape, all in an usual bejeweled print and heavy diamonds. 


 AYWA. Capes are becoming a dime a dozen, but the sheer yellow is unusual.


   AYWA. Who wears a full-blown gown, especially one as sweet and girly as this, to visit a laboratory?!? 

  AYWA. Those shades of pink are LUSCIOUS on Aline, but is that a bug on her shoulder?!?
 LAA. The most girly fishing net ever.



AYWA. Pants? Dress? This pale blue look is perfect for spring. 

 AYWA. Dorra brings a youthfulness to this mature navy blue dress.
  lAA. She looks pretty, but elegance she is serving not: she reminds me of Tinkerbell or a butterfly.  LAA. There is too much fabric here. And is that an undershirt or part of her gown??

  AYWAA. Haifa revisits circa 2005 Los Angeles and updates the Ed Hardy look with this edgy bomber jacket. 

 AYWAA. Bringing Parisian electro-urban to the shores of the Nile only as Haifa can. 

  AYWA. When you can’t drop the activewear look even for a night on the town, at least throw on a fun bomber.

 LAA. This is fashion schizophrenia: an office skirt with an exposed slip, a 2000s logo tank, psychadelic rocker sunnies and a navy blue leather bomber? None of it goes. 


   AYWA. Only Haifa can rock this kiddy casual garb and get a thumbs-up from me. 


AYWA. She is the Queen of nailing leisure wear without looking like a bum.

 AYWA. *smiles* *winks* 🙂 😉  AYWA. A simple outfit, amplified by Salwa’s curves.   LAA. “Sweet” is not a word I would use to describe this horrid leisure wear, nor those boots. 

 LAA. I spy… The worlds best-fitting bellbottoms, paired with the one of the tackiest tops. 

  LAA. Taking “Wednesdays We Wear Pink” to heart.



 AYWA. Proof that the shoes (and sunglasses) can make an outfit. 

  AYWA.  My favorite version of the shoes. The dress is kinda ugly though.   

LAA. Even shoes as cool as these cannot help the boring basic jeans and the uber-tacky Burberry shirt.

 LAA.  This might have been Ok if Myriam hadn’t decided to become an Ancient Egyptian Bear. 

 LAA. At the same time, it was a Ancient Egypt-themed party in Luxor, so I guess Fifi and Boosy get a pass, even though they look outrageously comical.


LAA. Put the sunglasses back on, Madeleine, so no one recognizes you in this unbelievably fugly leopard-trim tracksuit.  

  LAA. Myriam ponders why this leopard bomber makes her a fashion victim.   LAA. A leopard miniskirt is so cheesy, even if you pair it with a pretty cool pair of oxfords.
 LAA.  GRRRR at this tiger-ific mess.

 LAA. Why do I get the impression she’s naked, when she’s showing no skin at all? 

   LAA. When too much latex makes you look trashy, not sexy.  LAA. She’s on fi-yah, but not in a good way. 



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