Forum de Beyrouth 

FashIN/FashOUT: the stars of Lebanon came out for the Forum De Beyrouth, Beirut’s Fashion Week. Make no mistake: Dubai may have more money but Lebanon has way more fashionistas who beat to their own drum. 

   FashIN: these glossy, glistening, gorgeous gowns. Each one is so unique and unusual.  

  FashIN: glistening embroidered gowns made for Marie Antoinette. 

  FashIN: Alice’s gown is a little boring, but her clutch is pretty kitsxhy klub kool. Fafi’s two piece is almost ladylike paired with that red purse.

 FashOUT/FashIN: no, fruit roll up bondage dresses cannot be a thing, no matter how skinny and tan you are. Yes, black beaded jumpsuit and that so ridiculous-its-whitehot papm frond headpiece need to be trends stat.


  FashIN: backless crop tops are the rage. 

  FashIN: Mlle Paola knows how to modernize an abaya–this one’s got a gothic glam.

 FashIN: cool jackets are everywhere, and leather upon leather is always in if done right.   fashIN: there’s something costumey about this, but it screams FASHION so it’s in.   

  FashIN: if there was ever a girly jumpsuit that wasn’t sexy, this is it.  FashIN: knee-high impossibly strappy sandals were strutting on many a feet, and these are paired with impossibly-girly toile. 
 FashIN: turning a basic pair of black jeans and sheer top into a memorable look with crazy accessories.   

  FashIN: because sometimes we all want to look like a cabaret dancer bedazzled with lips.  FashIN: a bit formal, but it can be hard to wear that grey color, so props to Samarya.
  FashOUT: looking like a Barbie doll all greased up. 

 FashOUT: the harlequin sandals are cool, but why did she pair them with that safari jacket?  FashOUT: looking like you belong on a red carpet in Malibu circa 2005. 

   FashOUT: it’s not the Oscars, Serene. You don’t have to overdress.   FashOUT: when your sandals look like they’re cutting off your circulation.
  FashOUT: cutouts that are too weird to function. Why Stephanie?
 FashOUT: shirts that look like doilies.    FashOUT: looking like you belong on a Malibu red carpet circa 2005 but thinking you’re slick enough to get away with it by pairing your look with those circa 2013 obnoxious Valentino pumps.  fashOUT: 2005 strikes again! Couldn’t you see Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton wearing this while promoting the Simple Life?   FashOUT: looking like an 80s Barbie: I swear I had a dress like that for my dolls.  FashOUT: those pants. That top. Those shoes. Each piece is more hideous and unflattering then the next.
   FashIN: wearing more bedazzled lips!   FashIN: immensely pretty but dranatic floral bodices. Wow, Aimee! FashOUT: I feel this is what aging dowager princesses mightvwear, minus the sheerness of the skirt.

   FashIN: Looking like a modern-day Little Bo Peep shouldn’t be cool, but I ADORE this.   FashIN: I shouldn’t like this sheer-panel checkered ivory playsuit either, but I do.  FashOFF: bondage Barbie is NOT COOL. 



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