Arab Cinema Awards: Who Dressed the Part

 The Arab Cinema Awards took place at the Movenpick Hotel in Cairo the last week of March. Although there were plenty of talented actresses at this “Egyptian version of the Oscars” there was plenty of….boring fashion. Boring, or just weird. So I have to imagine that these lovely but misguided ladies were doing something else right before the ceremony and thus had no time to pick a great outfit, because the alternative-that a stylist helped pick out their blah gowns-is unacceptable. And the award goes to….!

 Dorra….was dreaming of Ancient Egyptian goddesses. Oh, and  having cosmetic surgery to look like Kendall Jenner’s separated-at-birth-by-continents twin.


Yousra….was watching her old films  decided to put every single woman to shame by flaunting her va-va-voom charms (and that amazing jewelry) on full, glorious display. 

  Age? Who cares! Yousra is too magnificent for aging.
 Heidy Karam…..was playing soccor in a field of marigolds. This is divine, if the shorts a bit weird. 

 Asala…..was buying cupcakes at a bakery and brought one with her to stave off hunger and boredom. She really rocks this classy casual look, but would it have killed her to wear a gown, or at leasst a pantsuit?!

  Rogena……was having delusions of grandeur and bought a wedding dress. 

 Amina Khalil….was trying on jewellry and ran off with half the store. That necklace is exquisite. 

 A basic dress jazzed up by jewels.

   Carla Sakkab….was also at a jewellry store, where she decided to pick out the heaviest earrings on earth. 


  Yasmin Raies….was sleeping and woke up to find that a thief had stolen all her gowns. 

  Emy Salem…..sent spies to watch all the  Amina Khalil and 

  Mais Hamdan….was at a Bollywood wedding, clearly. Major props for the unique styling. 

  Marwa Nasr….was feeling modest since she’s not an actress so she decided to let the thespians wear dramatic dresses….except they didn’t…. 

 Mona Zaki….was a thespian who decided to let other thespians wear dramatic dresses, except they didn’t.


Bushra….was rummaging through her grandmother’s trunk of old dresses and musty stoles from Egyptian Film’s Golden Age.  

Ingy…..was shopping the sale racks where everything was a size large. This is a unique print, but somehow still boring?!?

Abeer Sabry….was dreaming of going to Greece for a vacation. This is pretty but typical. 
  Alla Kushnir…. Was too busy bellydancing, duh. This is at least unique, but I like her sultry friend’s more-appropriate gown better. 
  Susan Badr….was listenibg to her Lebanese stylist, which of course meant that she’d show up in with tons of makeup and an illusion netting gown.   

Mariam Amin…..was on a hunting trip abroad, where she killed whatever animal it is whose entire carcass is covering that insanely boring dress.
  Sally…..was attending an Italian wedding. No seriously, everything about this screams Guido Italian wedding in New Jersey. 


 May Hamed…..was judging a beauty pageant in the Upper Nile Delta. Matching velvet gloves?!?

  Anouschka…..was attending a funeral. This is too basic for words.


Dunia Samir Ghanem….was clearly not reading a fashion magazine, because this is so illfitting and awkward and distatsteful that I don’t know where to start.  
Ola Ramy…..was at her shrink’s office, who told her that it wouldn’t matter what she wore if she posed next to Yousra during the event. Psyche!

Amal Rizk…..was attending a gala in Lebanon, where illusion netting rules everything. 
Boosy…..was attending a cancan performance at a shady Paris bordello. 


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