Nogomi Fashions: March Matchiness

For the month of March plenty of lovely ladies wore matching (well, similiar) designs, so the question remains: who wore it better?


Haifa or Viviane: Haifa. Viviane’s dress may have more tinsel than a Christmas tree, but you can’t compete with Victoria’s Voluptuous Secret Angel on her birthday.

Mariam Hussein or Shaima Sabt: Mariam. Don’t give me that look, Shaima; go and change those entirely played out Valentino pumps ASAP.

 Diala Makki or Lolo Al-aslawi: Diala. When choosing between forest creature knee high furry boots and white metallic pantyhose, I’m sadly going to have to go for the forest creature. Her makeup job also doesn’t make her look cross-eyed.

  Diala Makki or Lolo Al-aswali, part two: Diala again. We’re past the days of actually blinging out your handbag or skirt and just drawing bling rings on everything, people. While I ashamedly admit to liking the kitsch, Diala’s screams class without the crass.

Gina Ghandour or Lolo Al-aswali: Gina. With the messy bun and casual sweater, Gina could be a prima ballerina off duty and I’m eating up that pleated skirt. Lolo loses because of the shiny freakiing pantyhose, again.

Rola Yammout or Lolo Al-aswali: Rola. Sorry Lolo, you do have great style (and a clear obsession for pink) but Rola’s cutesty combo is simply more fun and youthful.

Dalia or Dunia Batma: Dalia. Much like shiny pantyhose, I wish nude netting, especially this really thick stuff, would just beat it. If she really wanted to shock, Dunia might just wear a freaking crystal bra!

  Ghada Jreidi or Roaa Alsaban: Roaa. Short kaftans look awkward and hideous, especially this one.

lank or Roaa Alsaban: Roaa. Short kaftans look awkward and hideous, especially this one. Maya Diab or Joelle Mardinian: Joelle. That hair aside, Joelle’s look is pure Parisian perfection. Maya’s, however, is purely pathetic for an established pop star.


 Roula Saad or Fafi Abdelaziz: Roula. This was a hard choice! But Roula looks like an elegant  silver screen goddess. 

Viviane Mrad or Nawal El Zoghbi: Nawal. It was impossible for me to choose, since both caped dresses are highly unique and beautiful. Nawal won because of her interesting choice of silver accessories.   

Amal or Roula Saad: Amal. How did Roula leave the house looking like she emerged from the crypt with that ghost makeup and that weird dress??

 Hind al-Bahraini or Dominique Hourani: Hind. White and gold can make you look angelic, like Hind, or like a bling-bling fly-girl, like Dominique…..

 Carla Haddad or Fafi Abdelaziz: Carla. The accessories of both outfits scream 90s random, but Carla’s take on a white button-down dress is slightly less blah.

THE COLOR BLUE Nancy Ajram or Balqees al Fathi: Nancy. I swear, Balqees must have dug into a box of 1980s dresses to find this one, and decided to just run with the theme…

 Dominique Hourani or Wael: Dominique. She may resemble one of those crazy poptarts, but Wael’s glittery turtleneck bib/scarf-apron is even crazier.

 Dalia or Oraib Hamdan: Oraib. Dalia looks like one of those cupcake dolls I used to play with in the early 90s. Oraib is equally dated, but at least she’s more grown-up.


Ibtissam Tiskat or Hanane El Khader: Ibtissam. It’s a bit too damask, but at least it’s not dripping in sequins, jewels and lace like every other kaftan I see.

 Karima Gouit or Dunia Batma: Dunia. They’re almost identical, but Dunia’s looks (and probably is) more expensive.

 Angham or Dunia Batma: Dunia. I am absolutely salivating over that sleek midnight-glittering encrusted kaftan, although what possesed her to pair it with the most basic of black platform peeptoes, je ne sais pas.


Nourhanne or Diala Makki: Nourhanne. One, I’m partial to this fun Dolce print. Two, Diala is clearly missing half of her dress.

Dunia Batma or Mariam Hussein: Dunia. This was a close one, but Dunia’s midnight sky gown won me over.

Nicole Saba or Myriam Klink: Myriam. Thigh-high cat stockings. I don’t think there was a competition here.

Fafi Abdelaziz or Cendrella: Fafi. Subtle tweaks and fit make Fafi’s feathered frock a win over Cendrella’s.

  Haifa or Azzaz Arour: Haifa. Azzaz shows us how people used to look when they paired athletic shoes with fancy attire. Haifa shows us how to look sexy and modern in a blazer and platform sneakers. Also, with her hair color now exactly the same as mine as well as the same curves as me (sigh) we could be twins 😀 Amal Maher or Dominique Hourani: Dominique. Amal tends to go the Elissa route, classy and boring with a hint of old-fashioned risque. Dominique goes the Dominique route, looking like the poppiest of pop-singing tarts.

Shatha Hassoun or Joelle Mardinian: Joelle. Two women with big egos and an inoffensive LBD…. Joelle gets brownie points for that very brownie girl-like sash (Chanel, of course).


Fafi Abdelaziz or Mabelle Chedid: Mabelle. This Star Academy grad is oozing 2000-era Britney Spears, whereas Fafi’s hipster crop top offends my eyes and stomach.

 Ibtissam Tiskat or Haifa Wehbe: Haifa, duh. The 2.0 ingenue version and the original legend square off! Sadly, the legend is more in-the-know and edgy; Ibtissam looks like a 90s hooker.

Dina Hayek or Yara: Dina. Who knew prints could be so boring? Dina wins because Yara comes off a frumpy mess.

 Ibtissam Tiskat or Myriam Klink: Myriam. Nice try Ibtissam, going for Christina Aguliera circa the dirrrrrty days, but Myriam will beat you in a lingerie leotard any day.

Layla or Roula Saad: Layla. Oh god, Roula really did emerge from the crypt (or the funeral home) in that dress!! So Layla wins, even though she definitely is wearing her nightgown.

Reine Sabty or Alice Abdelaziz: Alice. There’s something awfully naked about these middle-slit dresses, and although Alice needs to dump those ridiculous platforms, I like her turtleneck version better.
Nancy Ajram or Myriam Fares: Nancy. Neither one of these women brings ANYTHING (and I do mean any oomph) to either of these shorts ensembles, which is a shame since they’re both mega-fashionable mega-stars. Nancy only wins because I like her watch and hair, and I’m slightly digging the tie.


Rafeea AL-Hajsi or Nadine Abdelaziz: Rafeea. This was a tough one! Both are tall,twiggy and pretty, but Rafeea is less flashy.

Nour Aboulela or Nadya Husain: Nour. Sasha’s flatforms might be one of the most hideous pairs of shoes I’ve ever seen, but they oddly work with the black sheer socks and otherwise adorable outfit.

Jory Bakr or Hind Boumchamar: Hind. A close call, but Hind’s got the green version of Diala’s dress that I ADORE, along with a slip-on version of Haifa’s platform sneaks. THIS IS STYLE. Rola Yamamout or Sara Murad: Sara. Sara’s crop top (with PERFECT-length sleeves!) is just barely perceptible, and that box purse she’s clutching is a welcome surprise.

Joelle Mardinian or Assala: Joelle. Both were at Parisian Fashion Week. Joelle looks every bit the fashionista, whereas Assala looks like a girl from the little house on the prairie tv series, or someone’s bitty grandmother, or…..its just unexcusable.

Ibtissam Tiskat or Myriam Fares: Ibtissam. Jesus girl, put on some clothes; Italy isn’t that warm enough to be prancing around in shorts. We get it, you want to show off your post baby bod, but please: that huge furry bag that could double as a lapdog will not keep you warm.

  Dominique Hourani or Alice Abdelaziz: Alice. Alice doesn’t look too tired to dress herself, and her sunglasses are rad.
Jamila or Aida Khaled: Jamila. Hard to choose, but Jamila accessorized with a hat, so I guess she wins.


Safaa or Hanaa: both! Am I supposed to choose?

Nadine or Fafi Abdelaziz: Nadine. Absolutely breathtaking looks from both sisters, but I’m not such a fan of the print on Fafi’s dress.

The sisters: all of them. You want me to choose? Ok, Fafi, I like the color of her stole and dress.

Nadine or Fafi: Fafi. Because she didn’t choose such hideous shoes to complete her look.

The sisters: um, can I choose Annabella? Seriously. The girls just scream omg look at me, I’m at an Italian fashion show I better look hot and sexy and important like I’m more than just a reality tv star!!



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