Nogomi Fashions: #TheArtOfPerformance

In late February Arab celebs came out for Platinum Records and Jaguar’s “The Art of Performance” event held in Dubai at the Burj Khalifa. The star-studded event featured famous singers, actresses and TV personalities from Morocco ro rhe Gulf as well as performances by Ahlam, Asma Lmnawar and Jamila and, of course, plenty of fashions to judge!

#TheArtOf…. Balancing. Balancing your cape on your shoulders and looking elegant in this off shade of jade. Maryam looks like a goddess!

#TheArtOf…..poise. It’s relatively simple and unremarkable, but Yosra  looks classy and her hair is so princessy.

#theArtOf…texture. Ahlam’s performance gown is embroidered perfection. 

#theArtOf….Color. Color can make or break a dress, And I can’t decide whether this turquoise is gorgeous or tacky.

#theArtOf…. Deception. From the side, it looks like Mariam’s wearing a dress, but from the front…

It’s actually a jumpsuit with a train. I’m unsure if I like this trend, but it works for those who want to be more modest.

#theArtOf…subtle gothglam. I normally hate this color, but if this dress  was just a bit shorter/tailored this would be so dramatic. 

#theArtOf…. Crazy embroidery. Boosy (right) almost manages to pull off this Asian-inspired work of art, but that ponytail meant for a 1980s teenager just kills it.

#theArtOf…. The omelett. I saw someone call this an omelett in Instagram and I couldn’t look at it any other way.  

#theArtOf…. Illusion. Again, I don’t know why anyone would want to pretend to show their breasts, but Ms. Samaha looks pretty.

#theArtOf…overaccessorizing. How many necklaces does one woman need?! And what is that black vest thing?

#theArtOf…..simplicity. It’s a tad boring, but it fits her like a dream. #theArtOf…. Invisibility. I think those are sequins on Mayssoun’d dress, but I can’t see because this whole look makes her look invisible.
  #theArtOf….boredom. I can’t think of anytjing to say, except for: nice extensions!  #theArtOf….hotmess. Oh Layla, this makes me sad. You were so magical in your Snow Queen Doha gown, but this looks like you were doing naughty things in the limo and didnt have time to do all the buttons up.
  #theArtOf….looking bad in black. It looks like she was painted in tar.  #theArtOf….looking bad in red. The fit of this dress is just atrocious, as are the haphazardly placed ruffles.
 #theArtOf….too much Botox. All of these women are young, but between their Botox, furs, hairdos and dress choices they look like members of the Ladies Who Munch club. Sorry, Lojain.


And a bonus ‘Aywa or Laa’ for 5 of this Week’s best/worst Fashions


Aywaa. Anyone else might look like a kid who convinced their mommy dye their hair pink (unless they through a temper tantrum) but Myriam Klink is bubblegum pop kitty kat perfection. And look at those shoes:

Kitsch glam if I ever saw it! 

Aywaa. Two musical queens dressed to match their beautiful voices. And take a look at the makeup:
  Makeup is flawless.

Aywaaa. Ibtissam rarely posts fullbody shots, but she’s got some cool style here! Fugly shoes, but great jeans and sweater.

 Laaa. Latifa definitely made this out of some heavy damask curtains.  Laaaa. Why must she dress like Elvira because she dyed her hair stoplight red??



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