Nogomi Fashions: Fall in Love (Or Hate) with February Looks

This February, fall in love, like or hate with the best and worst of Arab celebrity fashions. 

   Fall in love with…one of the most exquisite Snow Queen Elsa looks of all time. Layka Iskander is HOB in this dreamy gown.

  Fall in love with….Haifa Wehbe all over again in this glittering white bodysuit.  

  Fall in love with… Bejeweled ear pieces that perfectly match your bejeweled princess gown. This is ROMANCE!
  Fally in love with… A crazy glossy pattern that only works if you are a six foot tall model AbdulAziz sister. 

 Fzll in love with….a pleated kaftan in this stunning dark blue-purpleish shade that I cannot get enough of. Yosra you’re on my radar! 

 Fall   in love with…. Balqees Fathi in this stunningly dramatic goth goN and makeup. Seriously, who did her makeup here?

 Fall in love with…..a toga that’s black and sparkly (the flower band is kind of random, though).  

 Fall in love with….. Balqees’ take on J.Lo’s AMA dress, which is caped glamour. 

 Fall in love with…a caped kaftan (although I’m not really fond of the off-white color).
 Fall in love with…. An elegant black kaftan with jewel tones. We need to see more kaftans like this! 
 Fall in love with….A bedazzled jumpsuit with a skirt (those shoes, however, should NEVER be loved or worn. Or designed.)

   Fall in love with….Bedazzling your gym shirt. And perfectly crimson lips. 😘

  Fall in love with…the twin’s ability to rock their grandma’s poorly fitted kaftans while half-asleep.  
  Fall in love with….this boudoir-inspired Valentines Day gown. And are those subtle side cutouts?? Fall in love with… The ubdeniable sexiness and tackiness of Myriam Klink. I’m taking her to the mall tonight. 
  Fall in love with…Haifa’s ability to be 90% covered and still look 100% naked.  Fall in love with…A great debut from a Star Academy graduate! A-
   Fall in love with…Hadia’s dedication to theme and detail. Im not really fan of the top half, but she’s rocking this look so hard she could be the Ramones’ fifth bandmate.

 Fall in like with…that absolutely DIVINE square purse that needs to be mine. Immediately. 

  Fall in like with…The mermaid hair and cheeky tatoos that really elevate this street look. Ana baheb! 
  Fall in like with…Moroccan brand Post Scriptum’s cheeky sweatshirts! Ma btishrab al shayy bs shokrun! 
  Fall in like with…Fati’s ‘tude–and that she looks this good in ripped jeans and a sweatshirt.

  Fall in like with….Hi-lo cheek.  I like how Wiam dresses her Post Scriptum sweatshirt up with this crystal headpiece.   Fall in like with…a fuschhia dress which manages to be casual enough to wear with sneakers.  Fall in like with….Yosra’s sweet vintage VDay dress.  Fall in like with…. The endless acres of tan, exposed skin that the Abdul Aziz sisters love to show off, even when they’re wearing long hemlines. *sigh*
  Fall in like with….Rola’s playfulness and sense of humor. Are cartoon temporary tats a thing?

   Fall in like with…Suha’s weather-appropriate fashion! Unlike other NY fashion week attendees, Suha actually dressed for the sub-zero weather, like a smzrt person.  

 Fall in like with… The fact that this Fashion week outfit is so basic, it’s endearing. She’s cute, and she’s not taking things too seriously like, ahem, everyone else.  Fall in like with….Shaza’s ability to blend in with the crowd! She looks like a true New Yorker! 


 Fall in hate with… Every single piece Lolo is wearing. But seriously, why does she think feathered eyes and those dastardly shoes are ok??

 Fall in hate with… The fact that Dominique would have pulled off this insane glittering pantsuit if not for those hideous boots.


Fall in hate with…the fzct that Viviane also decided to  bedazzle her gym clothes for the Murex D’or party. 👎 

 Fall in hate with…. Whoever decided to put flames on the bottom of this dress, and what looks like a said bustier of flowers along the top.


Fall in hate with…whoever thought pretending to show one’s breasts (but really just cover them with illusion netting) was remotely attractive.     Fall in hate with….Alice’s desire to become a Madame Tussaud’s wax figurine. Or a robot.

  Fall in hate with…. Three shades of red, those illusion sleeves and Rita’s two inches of roots on display.  Fall in hate with…well, I don’t know what I hate more: this monstrosity of an outfit that looks like it was designed for a 1980s Barbie doll, or the incredible amount of ice she’s wearing.
  Fall in hate with…that obscene cutout on her thighs. Who ever said illusion was appealing?!?! Fall in hate with… This deconstructed mess. And that she thinks those sad little braids make her look African. 

 Fall in hate with…whoever stole Inas’ pants. And undershirt. WHAT IS THIS, I AM SO CONFUSED WHO OK’d this?!?!?
 Fall in hate with….this creampuff cloud onesleeved concoction.Fall   in hate with… The utter ugliness that is the color, shape and designs  on Dominique’s body. 
 Fall in hate with…. The fact that you KNOW Joelle thinks this look is the bomb, when it looks like a scary Halloween costume mashup of a devil, a witch and Little Red Ridinghood. 



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