The Lebanese Takeover of Paris Fashion Week 2016

Paris Fashion Week basically means that the Lebanese take over Paris. Forget rich Saudis coming on 100k shopping sprees or enthusiastic Dubai fashion bloggers buzzing around with their iphones: PFW is all about Lebanon. And with good reason: Lebanese designers are a huge hit with international celebrities. Zuhair Murad. Elie Saab. Georges Hobeika. Rami Kadi. dany Atrache. Their glittering, intricate and sometimes daring designs can be found on many a redcarpet near and far.
Despite the plethora of Lebanese actresses, singers and other famous beauties, the same small select group of women, I’ve noticed, get invited to the shows. Haifa Wehbe and Elissa were the only mega-stars in attendance; everyone else was either a fashionista (slash-socialite) or TV personality. I’d love to see some more heavyweights: what about Nancy Ajram, Myriam Fares and Amar? 



Short hemlines

Summer in winter

The Diva: Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe

   Haifa literally daring cars to run her over in this Over the top luxurious look. I mean, who can pair a white fur coat with a yellow fur bag and those weird but intriguingly shaped boots other than her? 
  The boots bring this look from boring to intriguing. And why dors she look so young?!

  All she needs is a headacarf and poof! She’s in abaya! Adoreee this coat.

  Yes Haifa, keep pretending that your earmuffs are headphones and rock on to your own beat, because this is fabulously unique. 
 I’ve seen her in a variation of this too many times. Enough with short glittery dresses!

 Does she want to strip at Crazy Horse cabaret?? I share that old woman’s sniff of disapproval.

The Designer

   Four different shades of cream/white and yet the whole ensemble looks heavenly.
  A tweed gown sounds awful, and these pieces shouldn’t go together, but Mlle Paola shows us what it means to OWN it. Amateurs need not apply.

  They look like lollipops. Or ice cream cones.  Or high-fashion nurses scrubs. Ok, I’m being a bit overdramatic here; they’re not that bad.
  Nope. It looks like she’s wearing a long flannel shirt, not a skirt. 

The what?

   Did she kill a fox, a wolf, a brown bear and a canary to make this coat? I like though.
  If you work for a fashion magazine this shoukd be your daily office outfit, no excuses.   Not sure what is going on here, is it a coat or a dress? Or a coat matching skirt with a sheer blouse? 
 Aline was so dissapointed with the paparazzi she took all their film, unrolled the spools and made this mess of a…. Whatever.
The Fashion   This is definitely a tough dress to wear but Diala is doing a pretty good job, although  I feel she just threw her hands up when it came to styling.

Diala must have broken a heel en route to the shows and these metallic monstrosities were the only thing she could afford in some snooty Rue du Faubourg St Honore shop. Because she kinda ruined a gorgeous outfit.  She’s not Arab, and she clearly  has an inflatable chest, but I couldn’t help but include this gown. J’ADORE. 
 Too much sugar can be poisonous! This dress is too girly and twee for  Diala. 

The Ex Miss

   Good lord, was it REALLY that warm in Paris? She’s giving me goosebumps just imagining donning this in New York right now.

 See above comment. This is cute, if a bit ridiculous to pair such a summery dress and hat with a fur coat.

The Hostess with the Mostess: Lebanese TV Personality Aimee Sayah

   Aimee makes a smashing debut on my fashion critiques with a hair, makeup and look combo that is totally me if I just put a little more time, effort, and money.
 Some beyotch stole Aimee’s previous fur coat at the cafe, so she had to call Leo DiCaprio and ask for him to air mail his bear skin from The Revenant instead. 

The TV Star: Lebanese Jessica Azar

Reminds me wayyy too muh of those supercool Balmain dresses that were ruined in my mind thanks  to Kim Kardashian. I like it though. Hemline check.

The Turkish Model

 Channeling 1990s Cindy Crawford supermodel glam. I’m not exactly fond of the dress, but she’s WERKing it. Nice debut on the list, Tulin!

  The hat screams summer; the fur screams trend; the wedge boots scream post-trend and the ripped leather leggings with the gold underlay just scream hideous to me. You’re not desperate underage college students trying to get laid so you decided to hike your skirts up….are you?

Elissa looks like someone’s middle-aged mother. And not in a cougar/MILF way, either.   Please, someone just explain to me why she is always so incredibly boring and septuagenarian. She’s the Maggie Gylenhaal of the Arab Fashion World. 

 Au revoir, Paris Fashion Week!


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