Nogomi Fashions #18

In 7 words or less, I take my scissors, er, pen, to October’s fashionistas.



Is it “paneful” taking this dress off?  Portrait of a lady, repping Chanel?

 Khaleda looks hotter than a Russian supermodel.

   Is that a bag made of grass?

 Don’t try this without abs.

 She’s crying because she’s wearing double peplums.

 Jacking Elissa’s style: sexy yet matronly black.

 Gladiators: from B.C. To infinity and beyond!

  Elissa brings her peepshow to Paris…..

 …And continues to forget her undershirt….


  ALL HAIL THE QUEEN. Sexy and fierce.

  Even dipped in paraffin wax, Haifa stuns.  She’s so sweet, she attracts butterflies!
  More stunning than a starry night sky.

 Fit for a garden tea party.

 Lara is fresh and modern yet classic.

Are those sequins? Zebra stripes? Paint splatter?

 Faeries in awkward peplums DO exist.


Dominique’s metamorphisis from sexpot to faerie: complete.
Nicole’s always bringing the modern and fierce.

 Sheer poufy leggings? Now she’s a ballerina??

I heart these dresses, not those pumps.

 Bling bling is all I can say.  Too much of a good thing.


  Haifa, don’t let people jack your style!

This  yellow looks bad on everyone.

 I’m becoming tired of nude and netting….

 This is a high-fashion homerun, Najwa!

 Tyyhhjjjij Princesses shouldn’t advertise their boobs are fake.

  A cool departure from her usual fluff.

 Kim Kardashian has NOTHING on Laylà’s curves!!!

  That bow (?) is weird; Adore the color!  Easily her most rebellious look to date.

 A trash bag to support Lebanon’s #YouStink?

  Laughing at their God-awful dresses?


  We know her beauty secret!! Unicorn blood!!

  Interesting but she looks uncomfortable.

 Pretty women walking LA Boulevard…

  Truly “unbearable” to look at. Way overkill.

Did she just have a baby? Unflattering!

  No Queen would stuff herself into this.

  Scariest part: she wasn’t celebrating Halloween! 


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