Why We Need to #PrayForParis, and the World, Too

#PrayForParis. Almost instantaneously, the hashtag spread through social media, reposted far and wide as the tragedy that unfolded around Paris last Friday night quickly gripped the world. I was sitting at work when I found out about the attacks via-what else?-Facebook. My walk to the subway took me past the French Consulate on Fifth Avenue, … More Why We Need to #PrayForParis, and the World, Too

Nogomi Fashions #18

In 7 words or less, I take my scissors, er, pen, to October’s fashionistas.  FASHION WEEK   Is it “paneful” taking this dress off?  Portrait of a lady, repping Chanel?  Khaleda looks hotter than a Russian supermodel.    Is that a bag made of grass?  Don’t try this without abs.  She’s crying because she’s wearing … More Nogomi Fashions #18