Nogomi Fashion #17: September Styles 

The Big Apple Music Awards in Hamburg, Germany

 Queen of the Red Carpet. It’s nothing we haven’t seen from her before, but this is ravishing, and her makeup is flawless.  

Haifa Wehbe with Armenian singer Nana at the BAMA

 This is a #throwback to Haifa circa mid-2000s look, what with hair, makeup and refreshing lack of sheer/nude/émbellished/sequined fabric. Nana kind of looks like a jealous older sister who has given up on competing with her fawned-over bigger-boobed baby sis.

Haifa Wehbe with Emirati singer Ahlam

 It just came to me that Ahlam’s plastic surgery makes her look perpetually high/drunk, like she had a few cocktails before rhe red carpet and is dependent on Haifa to hold her up before she pukes all over that stunning colored kaftan which I would rather see on Haifa.

   Someone please tell her to stop wearing these fuzzy feathery things around her crotch. Also, while you’re at it tell her to wtop wearing these sheer glittery bodysuits: they don’t do her body any favors, although I think this one is pretty cool.

 Aryana’s bodygaurds made her this outfit after they slaughtered a bear and skinned a few snakes. Germany is a dangerous place, you know!

  Aryana realizes that wearing diamonds that weigh more than her on her ears means that she has to half-ass her dance moves by snapping her fingers  and twirling her cape.

Afghani singer Farzon  No, Farzon: just because you wear hijab does not mean you have to dress like you’re going to an office.

Red Carpet
 Exquisite. Designer Yousuf Aljasmi Really outdid himself, because this could potentially look tacky and instead it looks like Amal went bathing in diamonds.

  Which brunette looks skinnier in her crisp United Nations-appropriate lady suit, the Queen of Jordan, HRH Rania, or the former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham?

 It looks like she’s wearing a skirt over a bathing suit, but I can’t deny that I like this, although that huge tooth necklace was a bad styling choice.

Lebanese model Myriam Klink I see London, I see France, I see Myriam’s underpants!   

 The delicate purple elegance of these gowns/kaftans (that train!) is only marred by the amount of makeup slathered across Reem and Shyma’s faces: tone it down, Jesus!

  Two lovely ladies wore this dress recently. In Salma’s case, she looks like she’s playing dress-up. Or going to her prom. 
  Inas’ dress, hair, skin and eyes are all the same  color. How is this possible? 

   It kind of looks like they didn’t have enough time to finish embroidering the bust so they just tacked a couple huge paisleys onto the dress and shoved Dunia onstage. Not her best effort.
 Hind also chose this purple gown for a performance. The illusion netting on the bust is some of the worst I’ve ever seen, but Hind is giving me such an austere stare that I’m just gonna go ahead and say How much I love that magnificent skirt. Seriously, that look could cut glass.

 Her boobs look inflatable. This is not OK.

 That color is the fashion equivalent of a punch to the face: you have no choice but to look at it and feel your eyes water.  

 They both look elegant and appropriate, but that is one sad rosette and I loathe fancy ladypants.

 Hana attended the Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival in this elegant gown that would have been better if the bust fit a little better and the colors were more complimentary; I find the yellow and purple combo jarring.

 Print? Prime? This certainly can’t say prim. 

 They were out of the 20 gallon trash bags at the supermarket so Dareen had to buy the 7 gallon. 

 Even though she is baring her middrift and there is a huge slit up the center of her skirt, Elissa still manages to look boring and matronly.
Eid Styles

  Helas, for her Eid concert Elissa might be playing it safe style-wise, but here she looks more glamorous and pretty.

  Well, this is certainly a departure from the customary kaftans and abayas that are popular for Eid, but it’s Haifa.

  I can’t figure out where this kaftan-abaya hybrid begins or ends. 

   THIS is what the Queen of Kaftans Dunia Batma chooses to wear for Eid? What a disappointment. 

  The hippest way to jazz up a conservative outfit and make people think you’ve lost your marbles.

 ….and we are all waiting for Diala to get fat, pale and ugly so we can feel better about the fact that we will never look this gorgeous, ever…

Lebanese  This gorgeous color must be a fall trend for all the hot chicks. Also, is it safe to walk around Istanbul showing your underwear??  

 I am green with envy over this jewel toned shirt and blouse; her makeup and necklace are exquisite and she is one of the rare people to pull off mermaid hair.

 I want to dress like this every day. Hell, I want to look as sexy as Haifa Wehbe every damn day!

Lebanese Oh these Arab fashionistas always over exaggerate the weather: was it really so cold in Paris that Chrystal needed gloves? Love this though.


 Did the Morality Police tell Haifa to cover her boobs and all she had was this ugly scarf?

 I would get into this dress if it fit her remotely.  


 This is what we call suffering for the sake of fashion. New York Fashion Week was like 90 degrees and Diala is decked in some wool long-sleeved, floor-length dress. Alice looks like she wandered the wrong way out of a music festival. Nadine looks like she wandered away from a date that was going badly.

  Karima has her priorities in check. Also, baggy jeans with heels should never work, but she pulls it off.

  Glad to see Jannat assimilates to the local culture when she’s abroad. But the big question is: does this mean she drinks beer? 

  Why are skirts over one-piece bathing suits becoming a thing?? Why??????

 Glad to see I’m not the only chick whose body looks wonky in these type of pleated flared dresses. Mai’s  pout is so cute though, as is that statement necklace.
  Talk to the hand: these girls must be no more than 16…. Right?  Who dresses like this over the age if 16?

 Rola has a busy day ahead of her, so she’s saving some snacks for later.

  Let’s count the fashion faux-pas: a velour tracksuit; big logo bag; two-inch roots; sunglasses meant for a kid; and slip-ons…. Did I miss anything?
   I can see her bra, and this is still not sexy. How did the Classy diva become so trashy? 
Again! Still not sexy, and the skirt is deeply awful. Is Elissa having a midlife crisis? 

 Don’t move, Pascale: the butterflies can sense fear. And ugly streetstyle, too.

  Boxy crop tops do not get paired with wide-leg culottes and the world’s ugliest blue suede shoes.

  Fifi is definitely someone’s “still got it!” Grandmama who went on thr annual family cruise.

 Alice is walking around Turkey without any pants on and a shirt that is giving everyone the middle finger. This is absolutely classless.

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