Nogomi Fashions #16: Summer Concerts and Red Carpet

Summer is THE time for both weddings and music festivals in the Middle East, particularly in Lebanon. Here, let’s judge the wedding gowns and performance outfits of the season.

 Algerian Actress Amel Bouchoucha at her wedding in Beirut, Lebanon

 This is a beautiful, fairytale wedding dress. I love the bows on the straps and that necklace complements the neckline perfectly. My only question: when did grey wedding dresses become a thing? 

 It seems Amal had two dresses, this one being for the party. It’s a fairly standard dress although for once I think the one shoulder actually works. 
It’s hard not to upstage the bride when you’re as polished and glamorous as Cyrine.

 Egyptian singer Mai Kassab at her wedding to Oki in Cairo, Egypt I’ll give her this: Mai Kassab truly looked like she (as well as her guests) were having a fabulous time at her wedding. Her husband, of the group Okiwiortega, typically looks like the kind of guy you would not want to bring home to mom and dad, but he shined up OK for the festivities. 

  I’m a sucker for a wedding dress with a train, and I like the crown in her hair although not the sad little veil. The dress is otherwise nice but there’s a bit too much tulle on the skirt.  Ever the accomodating bride, Mai dressed her bridesmaids in various versions of the same hot pink hue. It’s fun, but between the different hairstyles and different shoes there is a lack of unity and it all looks slightly tacky.Shaza sang for her friend while respectly toning down her dress and styling so as not to overshadow a la Cyrine Abdelnour.    These are pretty dresses made all the more boring for the lack of hair and makeup.   

 It’s a bachelorette party. Mai and co. Kept it as classy as anyone could dare hope. And to that girl in the center: how on earth do you maintain that tan?!?!
Moroccan dinger Wiam Dahmani celebrating Morocco’s Fete du Roi in Abu Dhabi  It looks like a costume from Hollywood’s  retro Kismet musical, but I’m quite taken by it.

Moroccan singer Ibtissam Tiskat performing on TV 

The kaftan reminds me of a fancy nighty: what is she doing wearing head armour with it?!?


Moroccan singer Dunia Batma performing in Morocco  

 Chaimae makes the most beautiful kaftans in the world. Hands down. The colors, the lace, the barely-there sleeves, the jewel-encrusted bodice: this is breathtaking.

  Though those stripper platforms are clearly a breathtakingly awful styling choice.

Dunia Batma performing in MoroccoBe still, my heart: this is beyond exquisite: I’ve never seen a pants and kaftan combo so beautiful. Chaimae belt buckles are also beyond cool. Dunia is obviously, beyond the beyond cool.  

 Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram performing in Tunisia Elegant, but as mentioned above I usually detest the whole one-sleeves dress.
Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram performing in 

Maya Diab wore a similar dress while vacationing where her dress seemed to be disintegrating before our eyes. Since Nancy’s onstage, I hope that’s not the case  (love this color on her though!)

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam performing at Ehmej Festival

Back to the 80s haute couture: Najwa’s certainly been on a wild, nostalgic fashion ride this summer!

Lebanese singer Nicole Sabaa performing in Cairo, Egypt

  Woodstock meets Egypt: Nicole Sabaa may seem an unlikely candidate to break the mold, but I adore this laidback chill performance outfit with the big flares and appealing retro flavor.

Moroccan singer Houda Saad lightyears under Dunia’s kaftan masterpieces, but a good effort from Houda nevertheless.    

A Grecian mermaid. A Roman princess.  A Carthaginian dancer. Houda looks nostalgically Mediterranean.
Moroccan singer Jannat performing in Egypt An absolutely exquisite dress, although it kind of ages her. And, just wondering, why did they choose a Moroccan singer to perform at a celebration for the Suez Canal??     

Cyrine Abdelnour and Drag Queen Bassem Fghali

Bassem’s like OK, you upstaged me, it’s cool. But I still look pretty damn fly in my widowers-inspired dress! 

Houda Saad

I feel like if you stuck Houda in a 1940s film noir this might look way better in black and white, because here it’s just too boudoiresque for her to pull off. 

Najwa Karam performing at Ehden Concert   Back to the 80s haute couture Barbie Najwa continues with this vibrant satin look.

Lebanese singer Yara   Satin is tricky: whereas Najwa’s dress above works, this does not. It’s too much billowing fabric and not enough structure. 
Jordanian singer Diana Karazon Her hair is morphing into the flowers on her dress. Or vice versa. It’s weird.  

Singwr Yosra Saouff Yosra is selling drapes for a living now: “Here’s the perfect shade for your foyer windows.”

  This is so unbelievably sexified I can’t believe they allowed her on TV. I would never  have chosen this, but I can’t deny Layla’s got a rocking body!  

Cyrine decided to renew her vows at her concert: it’s the only explanation for this wedding dress of a look. 

  I hqve a feeling that up close this is probably really delicate and intricate, but it’s not the best choice for a concert performance.

  One of those dresses that just screams RUNWAY FASHION! It’s cool though. 

Didn’t someone on the crew inform Carmen and her assistant that she’d be performing against a black backdrop, so don’t wear a black dress, no matter how elegant it is?   

  I can’t focus on the dress, because the hair and her facial expresion are so terrifying. 
I can’t put my finger on why I dislike this so much, but I do. She’s glowing, but this just doesn’t scream pop star to me. 

  You could pick this dress and wedges up at any mall, but she looks very pretty. 

 Carmen looks more like an excited concertgoer than the star of the show. And those shoes shouldn’t be worn by anyone, famous or not.


Is she on stilts? What type of shoes is she wearing? 

 Did everyone at the concert fall asleep of boredom? Could they even spot her on the stage in all that fog?



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