Nogomi Fashions #15: Summer Styles in Sweltering MENA

Besides traveling to Europe, Arab fashionistas also traveled to other Middle Eastern nations-Lebanon, Egypt and Morocco being popular, while the stiflingly hot Gulf was not-or had staycations. In which country did fashionista’s style reign supreme?


 Lebanese Reality TV star Nadine AbdelAziz

That may or may not be a rubber band wrapped around Nadine’s chest, but I cannot deny that skirt isn’t red carpet worthy. Simple yet so sexy.

 Lebanese singer Sabine

When you find a crop-top set as gorgeous as this, you don’t care about the rule where only the bride wears white.
Nadine AbdelAziz and her sister Alice

Please don’t let the cutout craze catch on with Arab fashionistas: while exhibit A (Nadine’s backless dress) is an acceptable version, exhibit B (Alice’s mess of a gown) is just obnoxious.

Lebanese singer Nicole Sabaa

Pigtails and a comic-strip skirt? This is comical, but also pretty cool.

Lebanese singer Myriam Fares  That is the world’s largest and prettiest beach towel.

Alice AbdelAzizIt’s the colors that pull this one off: if this was pastel pinks or dull Earthy colors, I’d probably hate it.


That supposed-to-be flesh-colored netting covering her cleavage looks like those barely-there socks ghey give you to try on shoes.

Model Reine Sabty

Hey Reine, just because it’s Balmain doesn’t mean you should wear it: although this isn’t the worst, Denim dresses as seen on Lebanese fashionistas  MUST end.

Lebanese singer Madeleine Matar

Madeleine clearly is channeling her desire to bring the “Stars On Board” cruise ship to the Bahamas with a group of aging soccer moms.

Lebanese singer Naya

 Something stinks in Lebanon, but it’s not actually Naya’s ADIDAS two-piece: despite the fact that she paired this odd ensemble with all-white sneakers and a Louis Vuitton purse, she is WORKING IT!!!!

Lebanese singer Amar

 The same, however, cannot be said about Amar’s styling of her ADIDAS two-piece: first of all, that top is too big and the pants look odd. More importantly, what’s up with those hideous glasses? And the hair up, hbless she was actually going for a run?

Lebanese model Joujou


Lebanese fashionista Lalo Reda lace-up hot pink, high-waisted pants with a gold halter and the world’s ugliest gold slip-ons? What did I just write?


 Egyptian singer Sherine
I’d never wear a skirt that looks like a bunch of kids drew on it, and Shereen doesn’t look too thrilled either, although she’s pulling it iff.

Singer Melissa

A Walk down the Corniche never looked so casually cool, nor unsafe/ why is her bag wide open?!?

 Lebanese singer Maya Diab and Egyptian actress Feriel Youssef somewhere….. Maya lost her marbles, along with bits of her skirt.

Actress Mai Omar

Elegant but boring; hopefully Mai doesn’t fall into the Elissa and Amal style….

 Egyptian singer Amal Maher

This is what Mai will look like in a few years if she doesn’t up her fashion game. Beautiful but boringly matronly.

Actress Hannah Al zahed

Totally boring, but she’s a young girl in a tight, strapless red dress with beautiful hair: all of Cairo will be watching her.

Singer Mai Selim

 Your dress should not end in a puddle on the floor.


Did Melissa’s suitcase get lost in transit, forcing her to patch together this ridiculous-looking workout concoction??

Lebanese singer Dominique Hourani

The magenta pants Lelo wore in Beirut are now haunting Cairo: and again, the rest of the ensemble is just as puzzling!

Singer Amal El Gendy  it’s going to take a lot more than a miracle to rescue Amal’s reputation after this fashion disaster.

Moroccan singer Asma Lmnawar The beads on the waist band look like berries: overall, Asma is scrumptious in this sumptuous kaftan.

Asma Lmnawar

Peace out, suckas: Asma will get her hands on all the drop dead gorgeous kaftans before you can even blink, so stop prayin’!

 Lebanese model Reine Sabty Singer Amar wore this dress first, and despite the dress’ magneticism Reine isn’t wowing me here, but it’s still nice.

Dunia Batma and Sina Manyikdibtch

 Dunia’s outfit might be cool if we could see it properly. Sina looks like she works at the restaurant they’re at.

Moroccan singer Khaoul Amoujahid  I may love Khaoula’s kaftan, but I can’t feel the same sentiment towards her makeup. 

Lebanese singer Arwa

 If Arwa doesn’t look up from that phone some Moroccan street thug is gonna come up and steal her delectable Fendi bag. I mean, it is probably worth more than their family’s monthly income.


Algerian Actress Sally Djeffal  Sally shows us how to dress in the summer: relaxed, laidback, cool and chill. 

Singer Kenza Morsli

 Somehow she managed to find a zebra-print bracelet to match her dress… I’m impressed.


Algerian actress Sally Djeffal  Sally moves onto Tunisia and continues to show off her casual-cool boho style. Nothing fussy here.


 Moroccan singer Dunia Batma I can’t even concentrate on theperfect  matchy-matchiness of Dunia’s kaftan and purse because I’m too busy staring at the ostentatious fountain and vases behind her. Is this her house???

Bahraini TV presenter Shaima Rahimi is it just me, or is this a tad fancy to wear to Fauchon??


Emirati TV presenter Roaa Al Sabban  In the Gulf it doesn’t matter if you wear a heavy abaya in the summertime, because you’ll never leave the air conditioning anyways. This is pretty.

Lebanese model Annabella Hilal

 Feel good, look even better: Ana baheb this dress and hair on Annabella!

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram

 Is she cold from the constant A/C or is Nancy “feeling the difference” by dressing more conservatively than she would in Lebanon?

 Moroccan singer Shatha Hassoun ohmygod Shatha is an Emerald Queen in this kaftan. I am positively drooling over this. Can I be her??

Dominique Hourani

 The only explanation for this atrocity is that someone spiked the qahwa on set with some hallucinogen. From that schizophrenic dress to the hideous slides, random thigh tattoo, blue eyeshadow and ratty updo this is unbelievable.

 Jordanian model Zooz Karazon Crop tops, skyhigh nude platforms and furry bag accessories are all super trendy but Zooz manages to look fun and sexy.


 Iraqi artist Malayeen Karim Colorblocking is apparently a thing in Iraq; despite the conflict and chaos, bandage dresses and furry purse accessories have also managed to catch on.

Iraqi TV personality Vean

With a glare like that, Vean must hate whoever is behind the camera, probably because they are the person who forced her into that ugly miniskirt and shoes.

Iraqi actress Mays Gumir

 Mays decided that she didn’t care if she looks like a frumpy old woman who hasn’t left the house since the 1960s and stole her stripper daughter’s platforms.



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