Nogomi Fashions #14: Summer Vacay Styles

Summer is all about traveling, and Arab fashionistas jet-setted across the world (ok, Europe and the states).  Here, a look at the styles by locale. Where did fashionistas dress the best while on vacation?


She better ditch that leopard shrug or whatever that is on her shoulders before her plane lands in Paris, but this is A+ travel style without being over the top.

Haifa will provide onboard entertainment by having a nipple slip.

Overkill. I pity her seatmate who’s gonna think she has some serious anger management issues.


16-year old Myriam is a big girl now and can travel by herself!! She even bought her own luggage!



Melissa apparently doesn’t mind having Frenchmen staring at her undies; I still think this is cool, whatever it is.


Fantastic print, fantastic hair, and her sandals are an intriguingly purple color.

Where does she find such interesting prints? I don’t think the Chanel bag exactly goes, but this is super cool.
A beret in Paris, really? The French have every right to roll their eyes and scoff at this cringeworthy example of overdressing for a shopping excursion.

 Chic, breezy South of France fashion at its best, but why is Lamitta groceryshopping on vacation?!?

  Cute, but they all look like overgrown four year olds. And what’s up with the duck faces?

We knowwwww, Joelle: blue is the warmest color and you’re feeling it’s. At least your outfit is perfectly suited for the Sud de la France (ditch the visor, though; that’s not suited for anywhere but a tennis match).

  Juicy, eye-popping colors make for great resortwear, but ainneed to know: is Christina’s friend wearing stockings?!?

 Shiraz would blend right in an Art Deco-style Monte Carlo casino, which is where she’s probably heading.

   What people would wear to work in the summer if shorts were office-appropriate.

Haifa is so top that she carries around an oozing glob or sequins. And wears dresses witj leopardskin print that I’d hate on anyone else. And it looks kinda like she’s sporting a sun mustache just like me. See, she’s human!!


What’s the K stand for, Joelle? Kickass shades? Kiss my derriere? Kill my style? The name of your dog, who dresses better than you?

This doesn’t fly at a tacky casino  in Vegas or Macau (well maybe) and it certainly is not suitable for Monaco, Miss Iman. It’s too vulgaire et démodé.

  Attention complex: you’ve already got blue hair. You don’t need a lace bathrobe and the world largest fringed purse, too.

Italy a la mode

 While Stephanie looks carefree and gorgeous in her dress and headband, her friends’ short shorts and pleather mini should not be worn on vacation, in Lebanon or anywhere.

Supremely flattering, but I doubt the Italians were very impressed by this: it makes me yawn.

The lady behind Houda is definitely laughing at her weird Pucci-ripoff overalls.


Do not match your clothes ans accessories when the print (not to mention the shape of both bag and dress)  is this hideous.


  KHALEDA KILLING IT. Her designs and personal style are intense, and this is no exception. I mean, how cool is that bag??!


I can’t tell if this hits a high note or falls flat; the top is a bit much to pull off without feeling like you’re in a middle-school musical, and I loathe all split-open shoes like that.

Croatia à la mode

 Cross body bag? Check. Hat and sunglases? Check. Fun tee shirt and jeans? Check. Long sleeve shirt to put on if it gets cold (tied around your waist)? Check. I can’t see her shoes, but Cyrine is a bonafied tourist.


  I want to throw myself under those orange towels and weep at my misfortune for not being born as tall, tan or trendy as these mozzas. This has got to be the coolest poolside attire EVER. EVER. 

 THIS is how Alice dresses to play tennis? I am too jealous for words. I would wear this dress every damn day.

  This dress would probably make anyone not 10 feet tall and pretty look like a kid in their parent’s teeshirt, but I WANT IT.
 Is she trying to hint at a possible hairdo change?


Well this is pretty basic, but it’s no worse than a super dresses-up tourist tottering about on heels. Like, give me a break.


  Smoking hot jacket, jeans and purse, but those Dior slip-ons that Arab fashionistas have been rocking all summer have GOT TO GO. Also, it’s summer: isn’t she hot? 

Apparently London in August is freezing cold. Or maybe it’s because all the fashionistas who jetted over there were from the Gulf, where they are usually more conservative. Because everyone seemed to be wearing fall fashion: pants and heavy tops. I LOVE Lolo’s look, but c’mon, it’s summer!

  As far as denim dresses go, this isn’t actually bad, but please ladies: qaf!!
50 shades of black, horrid booties and an aviator-and-fedora combo that makes her look like Michael Jackson.

 On the other side of the music spectrum is Elissa, dressed like a member of a middle-age girl grunge band.

Ditto above: isn’t she sweating to death??!? Maybe that’s why she’s frowning.


  I personally think it’s sweet Lella went to an old car expo. That bag is label-whore horror and the overall outfit is pretty boring but she looks pretty.


 I feel like petitioning Americsn fashio mags until they realize what a fashion goddess Hadia is. She came to visit Chicago and if someone didn’t capture her epic street style than it’s a damn shame. This outfit is everything.  

  I don’t know how to describe this highly unique ensemble, but I love it. Just not that hat.

Black combat boots and what looks to be a black leather vest don’t scream summer tourist staples, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look good.

 The pants are that not tight yet not baggy fit that drives me to the insane asylum, but I love the top.  Haifa also came to the USA but alas stayed in Los Angeles: why does everyone avoid New York?!!? I’m pretty sure pairing those shoes with that dress is a faux pas, but I ak digging the colors and she took a fashion risk for once that didn’t mean showing skin.

See? This is normal Haifa style off-duty which is beautiful but somewhat boring.

 Haifa decided to recreate her look from the Breathing You In music video and added the most ridiculous pair of athletic shoes ever.

I like the dress, but not on Haifa: dresses of this cut do nothing for women like her who have hourglass-like figures.


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