Nogomi Fashions #13: Concerts, Clubbing and Vacation Style 


Egyptian singer Carmen Soliman performing at the Opening Ceremony of the New Suez Canal in Ismailia, Egypt

Ya helwa miSriyya Carmen! This is beautiful and timeless, yet fashion-forward at the same time: perfect to celebrate the opening of the New Suez Canal. She is the new face of Egypt. 

Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe performing at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club in Monaco 

Magical, but memorable? Haifa defined the meaning of Malikat Jamil el koun in this Zuhair gown, but it’s pretty indistinguishable from the other silvery, glittery, nude gowns and dresses she’s been wearing lately. Love the detailing on the bust though.  

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam performing at the Intercontinental Carlton Cannes in Cannes, France  Magical AND memorable! It’s a wee bit too ‘adventurous’ but I don’t really care: Najwa is bringing the diva here. Kudos to Nicolas Jebran for one heck of a showstopping gown.

Lebanese singer Shiraz pre-performance at the Intercontinental Carlton Cannes   What happens when you’re a B-lister and not the A-list: unlike Najwa’s Nicolas Jebran gown, Shiraz’s gown is neither unique nor particularly pretty: that is wayyy too much illusion netting.

Lebanese singer Viviane Mrad pre-performance at the Intercontinental Carlton Cannes

I swear, every Lebanese designer tries to bite on the Style made famous by Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab. It is exhausting. The pretty color aside, this is exactly like the other knockoffs. And why does it make Viviane’s boobs looks like deformed shopping bags?!?  

Lebanese singer Sabine pre-performance at the Intercontinental Carlton Cannes  More like a lady-in-waiting dress than a princess dress, but major props to Sabine for eschewing the sleek glittery nude  numbers her compatriots chose. The necklace is a nice touch.

Najwa Karam pre-performance at the Cedars International Festival in Arez, Lebanon

 PRETTIEST PRINCESS PROM DRESS EVER. My jaw dropped when I came across this picture: this purple gown is flawless, although Najwa kind of looks short in it (not to mention waxlike). I would have ditched the matching stole, but it hardly matters.

Lebanese singer Elissa performing at the Cedars International Festival in Lebanon I guess the Butterfly motif that was chosen for the stage backdrop (not seen here) was appropriate: Elissa’s style is (hopefully) changing, if ever so slowly: here she’s in a color! And a flowy gown, not one designed for a mother at a wedding! Progress!

Lebanese singer Yara performing at the Ghazir Festival in Beirut, Lebanon

Like Elissa, Yara had also been slowly evolving from her formerly boring style, although she has more to work with. It’s a bit of a boring look, but the color is great.  


Iraqi singer Rita Sleiman performing at the Ghazir Festival in Beirut, Lebanon 

I guess classic 50s-skirted dresses were the go-to look for the Ghazir festival. Rita’s dress is incredibly boring but since she’s not super famous I’ll giver her a pass….for now.

 Elissa pre-performance in London, UK oops, she did it again. This is that classic schoolmarmy boring style Elissa always rocks. Snoozeeeee.

Lebanese singer Pascale pre-performance at Jawaher Festival in Morocco

A surprisingly rockerish but elegant offering from Pascale: I actually adore everything about this.   

Lebanese singer Hiba Tawaji performing at the Byblos International Festival in lebanon 

 Somehow, somewhere I missed hering Hiba Tawaji and her uber gorgeous voice, which apparently belts out French tunes as beautifully as Arabic ballads. The gown doesn’t fit the best, but she looks lovely, and I can’t wait to see what she brings to both the fashion and music tableaux.

Lebanese singer Asmara performing at Aghani Aghani Oriental Night in Lebanon

 Mon dieu, Asmara’s got flowers growing up her legs…and arms… And on her girly parts 🙀 i SUPPOSE it’s a good performance costume, but it’s literally a ‘pants’ version of those gowns I hate that have nude skirts with ‘dusters’ on the bottom.

Lebanese singer Rouwaida performing at Aghani Aghani

 Put your hands up for Rowaida’s hairdresser, who did an amazing job. The gown isn’t very interestjng but I’d wear it. 

Lebanese singer Maya Nehme pre-performance at aghani Aghani Late 90s American pop music has returned, y’all! Pleather, lace up boots and a feather duster cape? Maya keeps channeling Britney Spears height of fame recently, and, that blonde bang flip and high ponytail aside, I’m not a fan.

Honestly, Maison Lesley should not be making costumes for anyone or anything except a History of Pop Music documentary. This just screams Girl band! 


Lebanese Reality TV stars Alice and Nadine Abdel Aziz at a wedding at White in Beirut, Lebanon  From the looks of their Instagram shots, you’d think this was the Abdel Aziz sisters’ own wedding: they are so full of themselves. The dresses might be typical Lebanese highest haute couture, but the sisters pull them off with such aplomb. The soft colors, the irisescent embroidery, Nadine’s gold wreath headband: they’re lively visions. 

Alice Abdel Aziz and friend at a weddingPerhaps to make up for her being the shortest Abdel Aziz sister, Alice again chooses a columnar pink dress with sheer and nude panels, and steals sister Nadine’s wreath headband in the process. That’s one daring garden party dress! Her friend’s dress is lovely.

Egyptian actress Ghada Rajab    You’re getting an award from the Egyptian government and so you decide….to wear a frothy, ruffly pink dress? I don’t know, Ghada, you could have done way better.

Egyptian singer Shaza at a wedding in Cairo, Egypt

 When you sparkle more than the bride. Shaza, be nice!  

Lebanese Model/designer Jane Konsol presents her swimwear collection in Beirut, Lebanon

Gah, Jane looks like she aged 10 years! She defjnitely shouldn’t wear her hair back. Also, if her beach wear is anything like her personal style, I’m afraid it might be a flop.  

Lebanese model Myriam Klink after a fashion presentation in Lebanon

Unlike blue velvet, there is no sing sung aBout magenta velvet, because a crushed magenta velvet cut-out dress is hideous. But I’m sure Myriam will make a song out of it now.  

Party MODE

Egyptian Hadia Ghaleb in The Sahel North Coast, Egypt  I want to go swimming in an ocean filled with cupcakes. But I’ll settle for Hadia’s cupcake print halter, and her flower crown, and everytthing else in this fun outfit.

Hadia Ghaleb in the Sahel

el Ghaleb never disappoints, even when attempting to dress up as a ‘Greek Gangsta.’ Those shoes aren’t gangster, but I don’t know what they could be. 

Lebanese Lamitta Frangieh on vacation in Cannes, France  The Haram Police cornered Lamietta by the carousel, where they charged her for showing her boobs and stomach in an ill-fitting bralette and for rocking a milkmaid’s hairdo. 

Moroccan Model Iman Elbani partying in Beirut, Lebanon

 If Iman didn’t filter her pics so darn much I’d be able to actually see what color her clothes are and what they’re made out of, because as such I like what I see.

Hadia Ghaleb and Lebanese designer Nermine in the SahelAre those cacti on Nermine’s skirt?!? Well, she is a Kitsch Queen. Hadia complements her by sporting that circa 2005 denim skirt and my-mummy-made-it arts andcrafts necklace and crochet top.

The Abdel Aziz Sisters partying in Lebanon

I THINK they like to wear shit like this just for attention. At least I’m hoping that’s why. Every Single pair of shoes  here is ATROCIOUS, and they scream it. The denim shorts and black tops are fine, but maybe not for a night on the town. Nadine’s Coca Cola jersey is flat-out tacky and gross, and the fourth sister-whose name escapes me-needs to pick either a different top or skirt, and learn to accessorize.

Lebanese TV personality Joelle Mardinan partying in St. Tropez, France

Joelle also needs to learn to accessorize:that purse is just insanely tacky, even if it is Chanel, which it might very well be. And that blue hair does nothing for her. 

Syrian actress Jenny Esber  

  Jenny and her friend are scaring the locals (where are they? Turkey? Greece?) with their beyond tacky choice in club dresses and sunglasses which only look cool on an Abdel aziz sister. Also, what are those black booties?!?! Seriously, please have customs take those away from that girl! 


 Lebanese model Dalida Ayach in Lebanon  Skin tight and cropped, and yet Dalida still manages to exude an upper-crust frosty coolness. Fashion magic right there: she owns her look.

Moroccan singer Shatha Hassoun

Shatha’s outfit of the day screams frosty ice queen too, and I can’t stop staring at that hypnotique purse.  

Haifa Wehbe vacationing in Monaco

Semi-basic dress, made all the more fabulous by The choice of accessories (that bag is so cute!) and Haifa’s curves.  

Lebanese singer Myriam Fares on vacation in Dubai, UAE

Welcome back, Myriam! Girlfriend’s been keeping a low profile, and it’s even rarer to see her in street style (pants! No exposed skin!). The turban and matching shoes really bring this together, but I don’t know what’s going on with that fringed purse.

Nadine Abdelaziz in Bodrum, Turkey

  Arab celebs, I am issuing a ban: no more tacky Moschino outfits unless it’s that Barbie print I have a hankering for! That includes model-types like yourself, Nadine!

Egyptian singer Bosy 

Another ban I am issuing: please, please stop trying to bring Millenium-era pop music style back! This is so atrocious I’m cringing in places I didn’t known could cringe. The too-tight shiny tanktop and heavy make-up are not helping Bosy AT ALL.

Lebanese singer Rola Saad in Lebanon

Words fail me. Rola, please roll ova this….this mess with your car ASAP, Because you can’t explain this. 


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