Nogomi Fashion #11: Ramadan and Eid Styles 

What’s going on: Given the number of stylish iftar and sohour pics I stumbled upon this Ramadan, I expected to see plenty of beautiful Eid al-fitr photos of elegant kaftans and abayas galore. Yet there were barely any posts on Eid! Whether it’s because a huge number of the celebs I follow are actually Christian; celebs like to keep these holiday photos private; or they just don’t celebrate the holiday, I’m not sure. But again, considering that most Americans only loosely consider themselves Christians and yet all seem to celebrate Christmas, I’m kind of surprised. In any case, feast your eyes on Eid day styles; more traditional styles; and the Haram police are watching you! street style and red carpet looks.

Eid outfits

 Lebanese Model/singer Myriam Klink pre-performance at the Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo, Egypt If you mess with Myriam she’ll send her boobs after you. Seriously, this is what all those men who got arrested in Cairo on Eid for sexual harassment were probably dreaming about all Ramadan: Myriam is literally walking sex on a stick. Ana baheb the Tinkerbell dress.

Lebanese singer Myriam Fares performing at Why Beach in the Sahel Marina in Northern Egypt

  The more talented and less, er, well-endowed Myriam Fares also satisfied every guys Ramadan fantasies (as if they can have sex anyways) in this supercool mod 60s bohemian jumpsuit. This is fashion having fun and she’s glowing.

Emirati TV presenter Maitha EbrahimNothing says Eid better than a candy-colored kaftan, henna and…sky-high pumps? Not only does Maitha look  uncomfortable in those heels, they don’t match her outfit at all. Leave thr sexiness to the Myriams et co., Maitha.

Singer Dina Hayek

 Dina’s snarky look, quite the contrast from her angelic dress/kaftan, is in reference to the other ladies’ inability to dress appropriately yet still glamorously for Eid. Well, this isn’t perfect-it’s a bit bridal-but the hair-do is lovely.

Lebanese/Egyptian singer Haifa Wehbe performing in 

The stage may have been on fire, but Haifa looks cool as an ice rink in her platinum gown. The  hideous nude illusion netting on the side really adds to the whole ice skater theme and detracts from an otherwise pretty dress.

Egyptian singer Carmen Soliman in Egypt

Feast your eyes on Carmen’s Eid gown, which is actually pretty dull but at the same time a relief; here in the USA we generally don’t vamp it up for Christmas, à la Haifa and the Myriams. Carmen also posted a selfie of herself in hijab with her mother, which makes her look indistinguishable from your average Egyptian girl:

 Moroccan singer Dunia Batma 

  Kaftans and abayas have the ability to resemble an old lady’s muumuu, and Dunia’s one here runs that dangerously fine line. I think the color and print is very interesting, although she should donate those shoes in a fit of Eid charity to the nearest old-ladies’ home.

Lebanese singer Nicole Sabaa performing in

  Since like 99% of the Lebanese music industry is Christian, their Muslim fans got treated to somevery provocative   Eid concerts, and Nicole’s was no exception. She basically hacked away half her dress–and leggings–and called it a day.

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam pre-performance at the Hilton Beirut in LebanonOlé! Najwa kept it classy compared to her counterparts, but she is seconds from turning into an orange. Or a wax flamenco dancer.

Sarah Dundarawy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Ramadan is over, but how could Sarah stuff her face with those ridiculous fringed cuffs? Pretty dress though.

Emirati singer Balqees FatiBalqees displays a traditionally Emirati/Gulf style (I love those big crescent moon necklaces) and, also, her desire to become a fern.

Singer Salma Rachid

 Salma’s about to be run over by a pissed-off little kid Ho wants his Eid gifts, and all she can do is pose in this elegantly hideous muumuu.

Singer Jihane with her family in Morocco

Ugh. (Horrible) style runs in Jihane’s family. Or maybe their house was hopefully robbed and these were the only kaftans the bazaar had left, because each of these is a disaster. It’s sadly probably the former, though, because they all look happy.

Egyptian actress Mai Ezzeldin

  Girly pink clothes fit for a tween might be Myriam Klink’s shtick but it is certainly not your’s, Mai. This looks like a 15-year old’s nightie.

Mai EzzeldinAgain with the teeny-bopper clothes! I’m pretty sure my sister wore something exactly mike this when we were 16; Mai looks like she time-traveled here from 2005 when Miss Sixty was actually kind of cool.

Moroccan singer Houda Saad in Los Angeles, USA usually the Moroccans are on par with their kaftans (see below) yet here is Houda in another elegantly hideous muumuu paired with severely hideous shoes. Did they wear all their good clothes before Eid??


Dunia Batma

  Drop dead glamorous and royal. Bow down to Queen Dunia. I hope she donated this to some young lady for Eid and made her fzshion dreams come true, because this is wayyy too pretty to sit in a closet and never ve worn again.

Lebanese fashion designer Paola Elsitt at Paris Couture Week in Paris, France

  When you want to thumb your nose at France’s hatred of Muslim women’s wear and still look as chic as any Parisian, this is what you wear. J’adore, Mlle Paola: t’es le top.

Dunia Batma at Chada FM So what if its only a radio interview? Show up in another totally royal kaftan and force people to take your photo the Dunia way.

Moroccan singer Maryam Hussein in Morocco Charming indeed:  that velvet looks a little too hot to be wearing during July, but Maryam looks like a Queen.

Lebanese Dalida AyachToo much yellow; like Najwa, Dalida is about to turn into a citrus fruit. Beautiful hair as always though.

Abrar Sabt

 Abrar managed to raid the costume closet at a reproduction of 1001 nights. I don’t know whether I dislike this or love it, but it’s certainly eyecatching.

Diana Karazon

 Diana agreed to accompany Abrar as her accomplice in raiding the 1001 Nights set and decided she just couldn’t help but grab a dress for herself, too.

Haifa Wehbe with designer Valentino Garavani at the Valentino show in Rome, Italy 

  Haifa found someone with more plastic surgery then herself!  Jokes aside, this is a lovely and surprising choice from the sexpot: it’s perfect for Ramadan yet still subtly sexy.

Emirati singer Ahlam performing

 Ahlam asks the crowd if she should acquiesce my request and give me this stunning gown. I’m waiting impatiently for your thumbs up, guys and gals, because I need this star-spangled creation.

Egyptian Fashion guru Hadia Ghaleb in Egypt

 Inception, deception, reception: whatever this is, I am utterly amazed Hadia found jelly platforms to match her flower crown perfectly. This is so fascinatingly retro, mixing numerous decades: 60s crown; 50s bathing suit and shades; 80s clutch and 90s jellies. Hadia, you are a bonafied style icon!

Lebanese singer Naya  Naya is pouting because she put on her pretty striped dress and espadrilles to go sailing and the paparazzi won’t stop following her.

Lebanese singer/dancer Maya Nehme in Lebanon

About those abs! Crop tops and mini skirts were made for Maya; who could possily focus on the sunset? This is so girly but yet sexy, she looks like she could be Myriam Klink’s more innocent younger sister.

 Lebanese singer Rola Saad in Beirut, Lebanon Is this a romper, dress or shorts-and-top combo?  Are those gold bands wrapping around those wonky sleeves? Is she wearing flats or heels? I shouldn’t have this many questions about your outfit, Rola, but I might add that the color looks great on you, as do those sunglasses.

Lebanese singer/actress Cyrine Abdel Nour at MTV in Beirut, Lebanon   Cyrine shows us that MTV Lebanon is eons above the tackiness and classlessness of american MTV  with this daringly sexy jumpsuit.

Lebanese singer Nicole Sabaa

Nicole is giving us  Resting BitchfaceSupermodel  Barbie on her way to an Arabian Palace realness. I want my hair to look like that; it’s almost perfectly Stepford wife-ish. I also want to look that statuesque and modelesque in an endless drapey gown.

Egyptian singer Lara Scandar in Cannes  Unlike Nicole, Lara is serving up Basic Bitch Gets Her Hands on a Ballgown realness. The gown is lovely despite theindiscernable print, but her lack of makeup, sad hair and apathetic expression turn me off.

Lebanese singer Nawal El ZoghbiNawal sticks her nose in the air and scoffs at the idea of being a basic bitch. The shorts are kind of ugly, but the rest of the outfit is interesting and sparkly.

Haifa Wehbe at the Valentino dinner in Rome, Italy  the only magical thing about this look is that she found a lipstick yo match her dress. She’s worn similar dresses before, and everyone and their Mother has those studded pumps. And what about that random camouflage clutch? Who convinced MJk that she should tote such a hideous thing around?

Lebanese singer Maya Diab performingMaya proves she hasn’t forgotten her youth as a member of the Four Cats pop group with this trippy lion-print dress. Lest she be taken as immature, Maya  shows that she also embraces aging by dying her hair…. Grey.

Sara El Hani at an interview in Beirut, Lebanon  Why celebs think they have to dress sexy for a TV interview is kind of beyond me. I really like Sara’s dress and she looks great, but those tacky Louboutins need to be retired, ASAP.

Lebanese reality TV stars Alice, Farah and Nadine Abdel Aziz at a sohour dinner in EmbSherif, Lebanon
Their red-carpet style has improved, and their tans have deepened. Farah’s stilletos are as random as Haifa Wehbe’s camo clutch, and Alice’s dress  is way too overworked, but they get gold stars for upping the ante.

 Annabella Hillali (right) and her sister Marinella attending the Wael Kfoury concert in Beirut, LebanonMy first thought upon seeing this was: that’s what you wear to a concert?! On further reflection, however, it is a rather unique, if quirky, top and skirt.

Myriam Klink rehearsing in Cairo, Egypt

  Rehearse in sweatpants and sneakers? Not for the Queen of Klinkistan. The mega pumps make me want to cry, but I have an odd liking for those jeans.  


Lebanese singer Mai Selim pre-performance    This picture of Mai could have been taken in Beirut. It also quite possibly could have been taken when Mai was abducted by a bunch of Southern Belle pageant queens during a trip to the USA. Your call.

If your Ramadan series was auchc a success, Dorra, one would thinknyou would be able to afford an iron. This dress isnsadly wrinkled, but I find it’s traditional influences unique, and the shape is not what one usually sees on the red carpet either.

Maryam Hussein in MoroccoMaryam, are you smirking because you secretly fast-forwarded all the clocks so that iftar can be broken sooner? You shouldn’t be such a fatty or else you won’t be able to fit into your dresses, like this oddly gothic, conservative number. You’ll have to hand over that pretty mini-crown, too, for lying.

Hadia Ghaleb in Egypt

 John Travolta wants his Saturday Night Fever pantsuit back, Hadia! Please return his call, because I don’t think anyone can pull it off but him. I would, however, gaurd that clock purse with your life, because it is quite groovy.

Nadine and Farah Abdel Aziz

 Newsflash, girls: you’re not in high school anymore. Stop being mean girls.

Maya Nehme   80s Barbie needs to dye her roots. This is so ridiculous and yet Maya really committed, so I kind of weirdly like it.

Alice Abdel Aziz  THIS SHOULD NOT BE A T-SHIRT. Celebs, please stop blindly buying whatever Moschino churns out. (Nice tan though, Alice!)

Nadine Abdel Aziz and friend Yasmine 

These two hardly look like they’d be out of place in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, in the 90s. A Biggie Smalls crop top? Really? I didn’t realize his raps about f*cking, drug fealibg and killing resonated with Lebanese socialites.

Jenny Esber

5 year-old Jenny is so excited because this is her first trip to Disneyland and she can’t wait to meet Minnie Mouse.


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