Nogomi Fashions #10: Ramadan Styles Part 1

what’s happening: the Holy month of Ramadan does not mean that there’s a lack of stylish ladies around: au contraire. Between sohours, iftars and other events the fashionistas of the Middle East were kept busy one-upping each other. One star-studded event was singer (and recent Murex D’or winner) Shatha Hassoun’s sohour at the Sofitel Hotel in Casablanca, which saw Ibtissam Tiskat perform for a stylish group of guests.

Traditional Wear

 Designer Alanoud Badr  The googly eyes on Alanoud’s Anya Hindmarch bag cannot stop staring at this awesome, awesome awesome zigzag abaya by FMM by Fatma Mulla. I can’t either. Old or new style: NEW.

Singers Shatha Hassoun, Leila Hadioui and Ibtissam Tiskat at Shatha’s big iftar party in Morocco

  It’s the Moroccan Mafia! Shatha threw a big Ramadan iftar feast and got a Who’s Who of Moroccan stardom to attend. Per usual her kaftan is STUNNING, I love the pink and gold combination.  Leila’s kaftan is more simple but the color looks great on her. Ibtissam decided to go modern, pairing her kaftan with jeans (you can’t see in this pic) an interesting choice but c’mon, I would have felt too dressed down next to Shatha!

 TV Personality Mariam Said and Shatha Hassoun in Morocco  Another view of Shatha’s gorgeous kaftan. Guest Mariam decided to keep it modest but modern, shunning kaftans for this elegant dress that reminds me of Japanese cherry blossoms.

Singer Wiam Dahmani in Dubai, UAE

Shine bright like a fanoos. Wiam is definitely part of the Royal Court of Kaftan Wearers (of which Dunia Bstma and Shatha battle it out for Queendom). She kind of looks like Dita von Teese here (although not, obviously, burlesque in any way). Old or new style: old.

Shatha Hassoun In Morocco

She looks like a visiting member of a court….where ladies are allowed to wear pants and oxfords and sling their beautiful minty celery capes around them like a bullfighter. Old or new style: new.

Designer Paola Elsitt   Who knew abayas could be so freaking cool. This is totally what Barbie would wear for breaking iftar. Old or new style: new.

Paola Elsitt 

 The abaya looks a wee bit much like lingerie, but this is a very sexy take on the modern abaya. Old or new style: new.

Model Rafeea Al Hajsi

Most of the time Rafeea is dressed conservatively in abayas, yet for The holy month she shook things up, pairing modern abayas with-gasp-tight jeans. Maybe she simply likes to dress the opposite of everyone else! Old or new style: new

Maryam at Shatha’s Sohour at the Sofitel Casablanca in Morocco

Queen Myriam looks quiestatuesque and demure. This is a classically beautiful and simply kaftan. Old or new styl: old.

Rafeaa Al Hajsi

This is a street-style abaya. You wouldn’t bat an eyelash if Rafeaasauntered  down the Champs Elysees or hung out in Times Square. Major props for the funky accssories. Old or new style: new

Aziza Salman

Between the ornaments on her abaya, huge earrings and that gold necklace, I’m sure everyone can see and hear Aziza coming from a mile away. Who knew they sold gaudy Christmas trees during Ramadan. Old or new style: new

Singer Majida El Roumi performing at the Jounieh Festival in Lebanon  The kaftan looks like it’d be better suited for a Lebanese Christmas concert, but Majida looks like an imperial ice queen. Old or new style: old.

Tv personality Dareen Khalifa Between hair, makeup and the tacky abaya over a tackier kaftan, Dareen looks like she stepped out of a Ramadan time machine from the ealy 90s.  Ana asef! Old or new style: old

Singer Layla Iskandar in Dubai, UAE  Kim Kardashian’s 2014 Met Gala dress has come back to haunt us all in a medieval abaya form. I want tolike Layla’s caped ensemble but I just can’t. Old or new style: old.

Singer Shamsa Al Mehairi

  Shamsa shows us how nouveau riche Gulf residents dress for Ramadan. This is not elegant or intricate, it’s just deeply awful, as ar her eyebrows.

Singer Salma Rachid at Shatha’s sohour, in Casablanca, MoroccoSalma eschewed kaftans and abayas altogether for her performance; her gown was appropriate but a bit conventional. Noor’s kaftan, meanwhile, is a beast of a whole other color. It is definitely the world’s tackiest muumuu. Old or new style: new

The Morality Police are Watching You!

Designer Mahtab Jamali  Persian cat, Persian lady: the designer of Katayoon London was one of the first people I ever followed on Instagram, and she is one of the best-dressed, most glamorous women today. Harammm level: 0. Not even the Saudi religious police would dare say anything to her.

TV Presenter Annabella Hilal

  Insanely girly dress paired with insanely punk heels, but aren’t roses an intégral part of punk a la Guns ‘n Roses? Bellissima styling, Anna. Harammm level: 4 1/2

Inas in Cairo, Egypt Inas is smirking because she’s just darkng the photographer to push her into that hottub behind her and ruin her brand-new Adidas and blowout. Harammm level: 4. The Haram Police would probably be just as shocked as I am that Inas got her hands on the only sexy pair of overalls in this dunya.

Sara El Hani 
Sara is Tinkerbell in the flesh. But I doubt Tink’s skirt was made out of green tinsel, nor would she stuff her feet into such ugly little heels. Harammm level: 7 1/2 Sheer, lace

Singer Haifa Wehbe with her makeup artist in Beirut, Lebanon 

Haifa usually isn’t so 1. Covered up and 2.Statuesque. This is modern Art Deco in Living Color.  Harammm level: 1 1/2. Probably the first and last time Haifa will be so covered up.

Singer Elissa at the Elie Saab show in Paris, France Elissa wants to be an Elie Saab bride; why else would she wear such a beautiful and bridal dress? Harammm level: 7. Romantic lace, high hemlines and heels?!?

Singer Amal Maher in Cairo, Egypt  Is that Marilyn Monroe on Amal’s top? Who cares when we’ve got a living legendary talent (Amal) right in front of us?? Harammm level: 3. Because I’m sure images of Miss Monroe top the Religious Police’s list of harammm women.

Singer Shayma Helali    Harammm level: 2 1/2. Lace is a no-no, duh! Although there’s hardly anything sexy about Shayma’s dress: it’s quite boring.

Singer Amar  you know that fruity gum that has a Zebra as its Mascot? Well, Amar has now announced that she is vying to take  over the zebra’s role. Harammm level: 6

Annabella Hilalsweatpants are a given at the airport, but at least Annabella kept things glamorous and chic with a black and gold palette. Harammm level: .5 because hey, she’s all covered up!

Singer Viviane Mrad in St. Tropez, France   I hope Viviane’s self-esteem is stronge than stones too, because although I think she looks pretty here, the dress and espeially the hat age her, giving off a cougar vibe. Hey, welcome to St. Tropez! Harammm level: 6 1/2

Singer Yara

  The only reason Yara’s otherwise badic outfit is worth mentioning: her cat slip-ons. I want those on my feet immedately. Harammm level: 4, because all animals are dirty mongrels. Oy vey.

Singer Jenny Seber

 Swiss orphan girl Heidi decided to go punk rock? I can’t really decide what the inspiration or Jenny’s outfit is, although she clearly had the Haram Police in mind when she decided to layer a basic tee uunder her crop top.Harammm  level: 5 1/2

Singer Aline Watfa

 Is Aline auditioning for the role of cat woman, Mission Impossible #101 or to play a bodydouble in a circa-2002 Britney Spears music video? Because otherwise she shouldn’t be wearing this latex mess. Harammm level: 10. Duhhh!

Singer Bosy 

What am I even looking at? Snakeskin? Paisley? A fashion designer’s acid trip gone wrong? Bosy’s matching ensemble is a fashion disaster that I only hope she didn’t pick out herself. Harammm level: 4

Shayma Helali in Beirut, LebanonMuch more interesting than Shayma’s black dress, but in a bad way. Arab celebs loove Moschino, which means they’re often left looking like fashion victims (see: Amar, the Moschino addict). Harammm level: 1



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