Nogomi Fashion #8: red carpet glamour; flower appliques and haute couture jumpsuits

What’s happening: the mawazine music festival continued in rabat, morocco. The stars all came out, again, for the beirut international awards festival in zaytana bay, beirut, lebanon. and most importantly, ramadan started on the 18th!

Fashionista of the week: there’s two! Douja Hijazi ruled the scene at the BIAF Awards, while Dunia Batma stole the street-style looks.

Trends: red-carpet glamour; flower appliques and haute couture jumpsuits

Designer Douja Hijazi   This dress should be happening now, happening tomorrow and happening every day on every red carpet after that. Douja looks drop-dead gorgeous, sultry and thoroughly modern without any of that modern minimalism. It’s too bad Basil Soda has passed on (RIP) because this is one unique dress, from the shape to the color. The slightly platform white heels are achingly hip.

TV Host Sacha Dahdouh

Another totally unique and modern-without-being-minimalist gown. Peplums might be done, and this one might seem too over-the-top, but that’s what brings this to a whole other level. That, plus the flower appliques that start on the bust and stop just at Sacha’s derriere, peplum be damned. WORK IT!

Reality TV star Dalida Khalil 

This haute couture jumpsuit is the BOMB. It easily beats many of the gowns at the BIAF red carpet. But my question for Dalida is this: is the jumpsuit completely see-through??

Reporter Dana Halabi

God save us: this takes my breath away. Actresses and singers are crying at the fact that a mere reporter easily outshone them at a red carpet event. From the flower appliques and vines crawling up the gown to the gorgeous teal shade and skirt overlay, I am blown away by this. Bravo, Dana!

Models Romy and Rina Chibany  WHO WORE IT BETTER? I think Romy did: that iced-teal color, skirt overlay and loose strands of hair pulled free from her bouncy ponytail just beat out Rina’s nude pink color and slick ponytail.

Actress Dima Sadek

It kind of looks like Dina took up training for the Olympic games betwee the time she got fitted for the dres and the time she wore it: it’s way too loose on her. Then again, it’s stilk a pretty good   take on a fancy toga.

MTV anchor Christel Stephan (right) with her mother

Which one’s the mom and which one’s the daughter?? It’s hard to tell because they’re both so fresh-faced and gorgeous. And I love Christel’s discreet flower crown (yup, she’s the one with the more transparent dress). 

Fashion model Chrystal 

A little heavy handed on the makeup, but ana baheb this flapper dress.  That whole unattached-skirt thing is clearly a trend right now and it bring’s Chrystal’s gown to the modern era.

Tv personality Annabella Hilali 

There’s something vaguely mom-ish (but cute) about Annabella’s hair-do. Also, only a mom would decide to put that crazy nude netting on the bust of that dress in the mistaken belief that it makes it more modest; the ‘floating’ green neckline looks ridiculous.

Turkish Actress Hello Pelin

Hel-lo, Helo! If this is what they wear on Turkish television, then it might be worth the watch. The gown is pretty and certainly eye-catching, but it also looks like a tinsel-covered Christmas tree. Or a tinfoil-covered pinata.

TV personality Stephany Saliba  
A new era of jumpsuits is upon us! Most redcarpet versions take on a 70s disco flair, but Stephany’s brings nothing but high-voltage glamour. If she wasn’t standing with the designer himself I would have thought Elie Saab had designed this; it rivals any gown at the BIAF.

Singer Nancy Ajram

Nancy is smiling because she doesn’t realize her dress is slowly unraveling and most of the skirt is on the floor. But she’s about to find out, onstage no less.

Actress Christina Sawaya

Christina’s gown is also having a crisis a la Nancy’s: the appliques were poorly sewn on and are now littering the red carpet, and Christina’s smirk makes me think she might know something about it.

Actress Soha Kikano

Soha selected the Samsung Selfie Bar as the site of her spring wedding shindig. CLEARLY.

Actress Carmen Lobos i
Carmen looks like she’s an aged version of Katniss from The Hunger Games who whipped out her fire dress one more to shock everyone on the red carpet.

Singer Nawal Kuwaitiya The ghost of Sabah is lurking behind Nawal, telling her that if she wants a long and illustrious career she should stop stealing tablecloths from Leprauchans and tying sad bows around them and calling it a red-carpet look.

Actress Ward Al-Khal

Someone on social media remarked that Ward’s gown looks like a melted candle. I completely agree; also, if you held a match near her face, I’m pretty sure it would melt like a candle because it, too, looks like it’s made out of wax.

Streetstyle/other events

Singer Dunia Batma in Morocco 

Chaimae + Dunia = a match made in fashion heaven. This kaftan is what Barbie would have worn on a trip to Morocco in the 60s, stopping first in Tangiers to take an acid hit. It is just jaw-dropping.

Dunia Batma performing at the Mawazine Music Festival in Rabat, Morocco

I am saying it now: Dunia is definitely one of my MENA Fashion Icons. As the crown so fashionably states, Dunia is the MALIKA: this kaftan is pure gilded glamor, and I love that she tied the Moroccan flag around her like a cape.

Fashionista Ascia AKF and Beauty Contributor Rosemin Manji

  Made in the Middle East never looked so good. I heart those intriguing structured bags paired with the girly 50s housewife dresses.

Singer Myriam Fares

 Myriam is morphing into a faerie, it’s a fact. She cant get enough of these ethereal   caped ensembles, and neither can I.

Actress Mariam Hussein in Marrakech, Morocco

 Three cheers and a cannon blast for Mariam’s glamorous kaftan with that daringly sexy neckline.  I want to strut around the El Badie Palace ruins in this, smirking like Mariam because I know how beautiful I look.

Fashion blogger Hadia Ghaleb in Cairo, Egypt

 Hadia’s got her beloved clear-pump heels on (which I love) and another highly unique look which I’ve come to expect from this Cairene fashionista. ‘Modernized Indian’ is a style I want to see more of, it’s glamorous but casual and rad!

Stephany Saliba at MTV studios, Beirut, Lebanon

Do the presenters on American MTV ever look this fashionable and beautiful? Do we even have presenters on American MTV still? If not, we need to get Stephany and her style over here ASAP: this dress is gorgeous in so many ways.

Singer Haifa Wehbe in Egypt
Bird of Paradise. Haifa looks chic yet approachable, glamorous yet fun, mysterious yet refined enough for the office. She is SELLING this look.

Reality Tv star Serene Assad 

Forget her more-famous friends and their fun kitsch glam: Serene does cool, slightly off-beat boho-kitsch that makes her one to watch. J’adore that star blouse paired with those pajama-style pants, heels and that Karl clutch. None of it seems to work and yet it all works.

Singer Yara in Lebanon

For once Yara appears here in an off-duty look! (In case you haven’t been following her, she tends to dress pretty dully). The blue shoes + bag +accented-shirt combo could scream overkill, but it’s all so casual yet trendy that it seamlessly works.

Nancy Ajram performing at a Children’s Cancer benefit in Amman, Jordan (pictured with daughter Mila)

It’s a glamorous gown, but a little expected now from Nancy, who keeps choosing black dresses for her red-carpet events. This is an adorable moment, though!

Singer Jannat Mahid performing at Future University

“I can’t hear you, my dress is too loud!” Jannat always has the best stage dresses: this is fun yet chic and the rainbow shoes were a great choice. We can hear you, Jannat!

Singer Ibtissam Tiskat performing at the Mawazine Music Festival in Rabat, Morocco

Standard prom/performance/presenter fare, but the glittery blue contrasts nicely with Ibtissam’s porcelain complexion and dark hair. She’s really glowing here.

Actress Dorra at a graduation event in Egypt   This is the perfect little dress to wear to all your semi-formal summer events, if you’re an artist or a mom who wants it to look like her kids painted her dress for her (but secretly paid a fortune for a real artist to make it look like kids painted it).
Haifa Wehbe performing in Cypress

charbelzoe jumpsuit.

Haifa reached into her Breathing You In wardrobe for one of her endless glittery-nude-sequined jumpsuits. I’m not sure I really like this, partially because I dislike the fringe added around her ladyparts which, I’m assuming, is for extra ‘modesty.’

Reporter Dana Halabi in Beirut, Lebanon

Our country colors are red, white and blue, Dana, not metallic seafoam green–but we forgive you, because this is one suit combo I would love to get my hands on. She looks like a former mermaid who can’t shake her fishy past, with that pailette top and mermaid hair.

Singer Elissa on The X Factor

Easily Elissa’s best look on The X Factor for the season. Elissa looks so pretty and faerie-like in this gown that even Ragheb can’t keep his hands off her.

Queen Rania of Jordan at the Jordan National Day Celebration in Amman, Jordan 

Her Royal Highness should have stuck with Jordanian colors for her National Day outfit, because this brown and white combo is neither glamorous, chic or fresh. The odd proportions look wonky even on someone as beautiful as she, and it reads more matronly than modest.

Singer Donia Samir Ghanem on the X Factor, Lebanon

This would have been SUCH a win for Donia if only the hem was half a foot shorter! Sadly she got upstaged by Elissa for the show’s final episode, although the competition was definitely fierce.

Viviane Mrad 

Viviane is really a 1980s-era Barbie doll in the flesh: she’s wearing a hotpink mini dress for a not-so-casual shopping trip; a yellow jeep buggy purse and huge triangle earrings.

Singer Elissa on The X Factor

This would have been a really cool look if it didn’t look like Elissa was wearing a fake tail on backwards. Pairing a fairy headpiece with a modern jumpsuit might seem like a misstep, but it actually works.

Singer Salma Aarach 

 I know I’ve said it before, but Salma realllllly looks like Selena Gomez. She looks like a former Disney star playing dressup here; I think she has a couple more years to go before she can wear red with confidence.

Singer Amal Maher performing at the Ma3an City celebration in Egypt

Amal committed a crime against fashion by pairing beautiful hair and makeup with an ugly gown. The shape is great on her, but I hate black and white stripes unless they’re horizontal on a t-shirt.

 Singer Fadwa Al Maki at the Mawazine Music Festival

 I don’t think this kaftan is too exciting, even if I could see it properly, but that star belt is rather cool.

Donia Samir Ghanem on the X Factor

How is this even possible. How does one even transport a dress like this? How can one possibly move in a dress like this? We can’t ask Donia these questions, unfortunately, because we’ll never be able to find her amongst all this tulle.

Ibtissam Tiskat at the Mawazine Music Festival

Press conferences are a serious matter in the Middle East. The stars actually ditch their gowns, glitter and tulle for boring office-appropriate suits. Ibtissam’s white suit fits her poorly and is basically a prime example of why I loathe, detest and hate office attire.

Singer Dominique Hourani in Dubai, UAE

Somehow I don’t think the theme of this Ramadan event was ‘Medieval European Princess,’ but Dominique doesn’t seem to care how ridiculous she looks. Maybe it’s because her hair and makeup look fit for a princess of any era.

 TV personality Diana Rizk at Miss World Next Top Model in Beirut, Lebanon

When I see this picture all I see are boobs, glitter and tackiness. Sounds like the Miss World Next Top Model contest better step up its game, or at least bar Diana and her friend from the event next year.


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