Morocco: In Photos

This blogger just got back from a week-long adventure to Morocco (with her mother!) so please forgive her if the next couple of posts are all about Morocco! Morocco was an amazing educational experience, giving me new personal experience and insight on another MENA and Muslim-majority country besides Egypt. Now I can do comparisons! (see upcoming post)

This post, however, will keep it simple. Below are a selection of photos I took of some of the best tourist destinations in Morocco. During my January 9th-16th trip my mother and I stayed in both Casablanca and Marrakech, with day trips to Rabat, Ait Benhaddou and Ourzazate.


Hassan II mosque
Decommissioned church near the Arab League Park/Ligue Arabe Parc
Hassan II mosque at sunset ❤

DO visit. I know every guidebook and travel site says to stay just long enough to see the Hassan II mosque and then jump on a train, but Casablanca is an intriguing city and offers a vision of crossroads-Morocco. It gets bonus points for its Atlantic ocean location and noir allure.


My mother and I at Hassan Tower in Rabat, taken by a friendly German tourist.
Mohammed V Mausoleum in Rabat
Door in the Rabat kasbah

Chellah ruins in Rabat.

 Rabat, Morocco’s capital city, is compact, clean, safe and beautiful. True, I did not visit inside the old medina, but the taxi drivers my mother and I took were fair and leering/harassment was minimal during our day here. The Chellah ruins on the outskirts of the city are easy to walk to from the train station and a must see: this ancient site is a relaxing and beautiful respite from busy streets and kasbahs.


moroccotryiphone 171
Me inside the Lazama synagogue. Beautiful blue colors everywhere, old black and white photos and Hebrew lettering. The place was gaurded by a policeman.
moroccotryiphone 186
Marrakesh spices in the market.
moroccotryiphone 176
Jewish cemetery in Marrakesh.
moroccotryiphone 140
Atlas Mountains.
moroccotryiphone 119
Marrakesh souqs.

Marrakesh is amazing and has plenty to see and do, but it is not for the faint of heart: the souqs and medina are impossible to navigate without a guide, as my mother and I got lost.


moroccocamtry 113
Ait Benhaddou kasbah.

moroccocamtry 115 ?????????? ??????????

After Casablanca, I was most excited to see the old kasbah town of Ait Benhaddou, more than a two hour treacherous ride through the Atlas mountains away from Marrakesh. It did not disappoint: like a red mirage rising up out of the suddenly flat desert plain, this kasbah is an amazing UNESCO site. Just be sure to walk around without a guide, otherwise you’ll be dragged through pretty fast.


Cannon in the Ourzazate kasbah.
moroccocamtry 129
Me inside the Ourzazate kasbah. Such a maze of rooms!
Ourzazate kasbah.

Land of the Hollywood film studios, Ourzazate is a Wild West-style town seemingly in the middle of nowhere that nevertheless feels modern, perhaps because there seems to be a bit of American influence, with signs in English and the main road leading into the city is heavily decorated with curlicue lampposts not unlike an American suburb. The kasbah is cool, if empty, but I couldn’t imagine staying in the town.


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