Downtown and Down-trodden

Downtown Cairo. If you’ve watched a news station in the past year, than you’re familiar with what constitutes as Cairo’s center or downtown area: Tahrir Square was long considered Cairo’s focal point before the 25 January Revolution ever occured, perhaps because it held several government buildings including the shunned National Democratic Party’s (NDP) headquarters as … More Downtown and Down-trodden

Tahrir Square January 25 2012: A Year After

“To celebrate or to protest” seemed to be the question on people’s minds as they gather today, January 25th, in Tahrir Square to mark the 1-year anniversary of the Egyptian revolution and overthrow of Hosni Mubarak.  While some people find cause for celebration, others find reasons to be angry, as they accuse the military of … More Tahrir Square January 25 2012: A Year After

It’s Arab Idol!

The “American Idol” brand has spawned countless spin-offs in the USA as well as abroad. The Arab world too has embraced the singing-contest format, both with “Star Academy” (which also exists in France) as well as a full-on copycat of it’s American predecessor, entitled—you guessed it—Arab Idol. Arab Idol even visually resembles it’s American counterpart. … More It’s Arab Idol!

Arabian Music Through Music Videos, Pt. 1

Forget video killing the radio star: MTV has since killed the video star, what with the fact that it no longer plays anything remotely resembling, well, music! Music videos are still being made—and at high quality, if you take a gander at Lady Gaga’s over-the-top glamorous vids—but where are people watching them? Online? Singers may … More Arabian Music Through Music Videos, Pt. 1