Salam alaykoum

In the Arabic language, words with similar meanings are formed by the same root consonants. The words ‘Islam’ and ‘Salam’ both have the same 3 consonants:


These 3 letters mean “peace” in Arabic.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of peace in the world today. A lot of people, including radical Islamists, do not believe in peace or equality and thus there is a lot of fighting in the world. Similarly  those who are suppressed are forced to struggle for their rights.

The Middle East today is quite far from the peace and “surrender” that Islam suggests. As Muslims themselves misinterpret the Koran for their own power and political gain and the West focuses on solely these negative people, misunderstanding occurs.

My goal, therefore, is to spread two messages: one, that Islam is a peaceful and righteous religion and thus the mistreatment that occurs in it’s name should be stopped, and two, that the Western world must educate itself about the real, and good Islam that exists.

I myself am not a Muslim, nor a Christian: my beliefs are that everyone is equal, everyone has the right to freedom, and that education is al-noor, or the light, to guide the world!


2 thoughts on “Salam alaykoum

  1. I support your thought that “de-demonizing” the words “Muslim” and “Islam” is a good idea. However, I can sometimes be a pessimist about the likelihood of such things happening. So often people define themselves, and get their sense of self-esteem, from trying to diminish others who are different. That aspect of human nature means that we keep repeating the same kind of mistakes over and over. However, a few shining individuals give us the clues as to how to proceed differently.

    Thank you for visiting my site.

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